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I guess technically there's nothing stopping me from jumping back in. It's only been a couple weeks, it's not like I've forgotten what I'm doing. Maybe I'll do that tonight. Don't have anything else going on.

I put 30 hours into Zelda 9 and got halfway through it and loved almost every minute of it, then I just kinda stopped playing, and I'm not sure why. I do this a lot with long games. I don't think I'm cut out for them.

Having a baby on a TV show is an easy way to show that time is passing. If you want to show that a year has passed, just replace it with a slightly older baby, then have the parents say "Our baby's been missing for a year. I hope we can find it and get rid of this substitute baby."

I guess I should say my post-high school, living on my own, "adult" life

I don't want to remember anything before then

Frequently finding "was my screen a CRT or an LCD?" is the main reference point I use to try to remember when something in my life happened.

Just crossed into LCD year 10 in May.

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is this solarpunk?

"We often worry about machines taking over the world, not realising they already have. Everything we do, everything we build, is bent around the machines’ needs, and we’re fooled into thinking those needs are ours."

#mastobikes #solarpunk

I've put off downloading the android update so long it doesn't even give me the option to say no anymore. I tap the home or back button and this message pops back up every 10 minutes.

Anyone know if there's a (non-rooting) way to disable the message altogether? Or should I just accept this is my future now?

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@emi That's a good idea! Maybe one of the cats can pop up on a communicator and say "Our sensors are detecting that this node has an abundance of X, please bring us 10 of them" or something

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There but on the shoulders of giants stand I

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it's frankly a crime that no man's sky is a game about dumb bullshit like repairing your space craft and building a stupid base to protect you from the stupid elements when it *could* have been a game about being a scientist doing field work documenting alien biology and geology

@virtual Ah my favorite video game, the adventures of red and green in blue world

This is the smallest mario I could make. I'm sorry. I'll try to do better.

I want to say I'm glad I haven't seen a certain genre of joke around here, but I would have to make the joke myself in order to do so, so let's just say I'm really glad people I follow aren't inclined to make the kind of lazy, easy jokes that aren't necessarily punching down but are at the expense of people going through a rough patch and maybe don't need to hear the same joke 5000 times

Y'all are my people

My grandparents' tax dollars didn't pay for this logo so some hoity-toity government astro-bureaucrats could push me around, by god