song about automotive injury 

@ghost_bird Oh. I should have figured it was a Tolkien thing. Most of OD&D was.

I wonder whether the fantasy RPG class "ranger" is called that because they have a love of nature similar to that of a park ranger, or because they use ranged weapons. Or both.

pokemon go 

Wait, the Gamecube has four controller ports but only two memory card slots? How are all 4 players supposed to import their Beach Spikers: Virtua Beach Volleyball career data? You think me and the lads are gonna gather around the Zenith and unwind with some cold ones and knuckle-whitening volleys if only two of us are leveling up our floaters? In this gamer's opinion, it's more like the *tame*cube

Are there any skyrim mods that make the game feel good to play, or is it all just enhanced breast physics and adding dozens of new eggplant cultivars?

tech, sex metaphor 

Say every word as if it's the one word God himself has demanded you must not say


I only have two critical vulnerabilities: the enemy taking advantage of my weak point, and explosions

French bread, or as they call it in France, "Les BerΓͺade du Fransciouxes"

"Worms and seeds, yum chirp cheep"

- If AC/DC were birds

@witchfynder_finder I'm pretty sure it was Sailor Moon. If not, it was a similar-looking anime character. Not like a screencap from the show or anything, it was someone's original art. It looked nice. Trying to track it down through people I think I remember posting it.

@witchfynder_finder That sounds right. I've tried every variation on both phrases I can think of and it's not turning up anything though

Does anyone have the meme that was going around a bit ago where it's a sailor moon character saying "that's my friend you're talking about" or "don't be mean to my friend" or something? It must be more localized than I thought, because I can't find it with any amount of searxing. I really liked the composition and font work in it.

@fakemaxkeeble A shitpost CW is a preemptive apology for an unfunny joke

My programming background? Well, I can use any type of gem to control any type of snake, but most of my experience is with Perl and ASP

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