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@srol I can see that. It has a real old time radio quality to it

matt 🏴 relayed

Interesting that a man made out of rock is called the Thing but Dwayne Johnson, a man made out of things, is called the Rock

Oh my god, I think Nathan Robinson on the latest Citations Needed is the first time I've ever heard an Ivy League accent in real life. I thought it was a myth. He seems like a decent guy from what little I've read about him but 🤢

Whoever invented the yo-yo really messed up by not calling it a spindulum

¡Holjour! ¿Mi parleé Esprançais? ¡Çi!

I've decided to move to Sprance. Better start learning Sprench

@danyspin97 Well, the idea is that you have extra resources to help you take a direct hit or two. You have way more max health and armor, and you can create health and invincibility orbs with the resources you collect. You're supposed to play more carefully than standard Doom and use the power-up guns when you make a mistake or there's too much to deal with.

Here's a video to give you a better idea of what I'm going for

Probably worth it to find out though. I would just pay a buck and get the first 4 volumes, but they predate the books I had, and muh nostalgia

All of the old Trump stuff has gotta be pretty surreal to go back to now

Humble has a thing where you can get all of the old Bloom County collections digitally for 8 bucks. That was one of the comics I liked as a kid (it ended before I was old enough to read them, I had a couple of the books) but in light of the reboot, I suspect a very small percentage of the old ones will still hold up

Sorry, I broke my brain. 5 pages, 129 posts.

(CW for ableist and homophobic slurs in case that's not obvious)

lol remember when some dudes on a weightlifting forum had a 10-page argument about whether "every other day" means three times a week or four times a week

@Nine Oh sorry, I misunderstood you. What games are you thinking of? The only racing games I can think of that don't involve vehicles are Sonic R and like, maybe snowboarding games

@Nine Trackmania Stadium and Horizon Chase Turbo are very good. Also Road Rash, if that counts

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