"Monday" also works, if you ignore or were unaware of the fact that the episode came out yesterday, which I do and was

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That scene was the scariest thing in WFRR to me

The "Dip" scene and the steam roller scene were both super disturbing but for whatever reason I had actual nightmares about the steam whistle

This conversation is making me transform into a giant anthropomorphic train and emit an ear-piercing steam-powered shriek like in Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Mnemonic device: *B*ebop is the *b*oar. *R*ocksteady is the *R*hino.

@lmorchard Me too, except in high school. It was rough, because most of my friends into TTRPGs were strict D&Dists with no interest in modern fantasy, and my friends who *were* into White Wolf leaned towards the grittier Werewolf/Vampire/Wraith side, very dark and tragic and lacking in whimsy. I was able to convince them to try Changeling a couple times but I don't think they were ever really into it.

@lmorchard I have! I haven't had many chances to actually play it, but conceptually it's my favorite White Wolf RPG

20 years ago, we had johnny cash, steve grass, and bob ass. now everyone rides for free

@Canageek @OldBrushNewPaper Oh I dunno, I can picture a small, disreputable shop sending someone out to raid the vending machines every morning so they don't have to pay for papers themselves. It's low value, but not no value.

I can't remember your face
But I remember your bicycle
How it took my breath away


The name entry screen for Bloodstained has a button labeled "Backer ID" (I guess so kickstarter backers can unlock sweet bonuses) and I thought it said "Hacker ID", which is what all online pseudonyms and screen names should be referred to henceforth

Follow me on cybrespace, my hacker ID is @matt

"Adventure platformer" is only one more syllable than "Metroidvania" πŸ‘©β€πŸ«

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