@sc hey, this is the one where I talk about gemini bluelander.bearblog.dev/garbag

The site doesn't have any kind of search function, sorry about that. I'll try to be better about tagging stuff

@mopedad I've been having a great time with bearblog.dev. Write.as didn't quite cut it for me, but your needs may differ

This place is not a place of ardor. No hotly steamed creeds are elucidated here

Oh heck, it's my birthday month! ♊:toot:​ I don't reveal my actual birthday date 'cause opsec, so everyone just be nice to me from now until June 20 and we're good :ameowbongo:

It's nice that the IPA symbol for the "aw" sound is also an emoticon that represents "aw"


@srol he's right. That's why app notification numbers are red: they want to scare you into thinking you're missing something important

Had a minor heart attack this morning because I logged into my bank account, and the number showing my current balance is red

It was the number it should have been, and it didn't have a minus sign next to it, but seeing a red number there horrified me. I clicked on "transactions" just to make sure, and it is indeed a positive balance. Guess they're just keeping me on my toes 🙃

Boredom 2. 

@Cyborgneticz I was bored in class as a kid, pre-ipad, pre-cell phone even, so I mostly read quietly to myself. The fact that I was reading a book and not social media or whatever didn't help me graduate 🤷‍♀️

sunday links 05: please don't let your memes be dreams. i can make your wish come true. as long as you like numbers, as long as you like blue bluelander.bearblog.dev/sunday

"The Truman Show" is about what if Harry S. Truman and Truman Capote were mismatched roommates

h1.dewey {font-size:300%;} /*in case I need to blog about Dewey defeating Truman*/

Tokimeki Memorial 

Second playthrough, first good ending. This game is great. My first game ended in disaster, because I didn't know what I was doing, and almost everyone hated me by the end. This time around, no one's rating fell below a 😐️. I wasn't "pursuing" Shiori, and I probably never will, but we were still friends by the end, and I'm happy I didn't lose her.

I ended up with Yumi, who wasn't who I was expecting. On New Years Day 1999, I fully expected to go do the usual routine, go to the shrine with Shiori, get our fortunes for the year, make a wish, etc. But Yumi came over with the Heartthrob card game I got her for her birthday, saying she's been dying to finally play it, and heck, I couldn't tell her no. We spent all day playing it, and I had no regrets.

The only bad ending is the one where you end up alone; 12/13 of the endings are good, because all dozen of the girls are written with love

Get a girl who looks at you the way Yuina looks at cheap electronics

@lifning Makes sense. After the Marble Zone, he doesn't touch grass again until Sonic 2

@suetanvil @erinbee "Whoever does not believe shall be condemned; whoever believes and is baptized shall be shaved"

Oh my god. The ꙮ is alive. What eldritch horror hast thou wrought

@jordan Ah sorry, that's Deɪtum, I'm talking about dæta

game shows 

@trysdyn Nice! PlutoTV is a little beefy for the laptop I'm currently using (makes the audio lag something fierce) but I'll remember it for when my desktop's back in service. How's the adblocking situation, is it possible?

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