A lot of people called Seinfeld groundbreaking for being "a show about nothing", but those people have clearly never listened to A Prairie Home Companion. You want nothing? Garrison Keillor *invented* nothing

My security advice for rich people is that they should all set their passwords to "password". This will make it much easier for non-rich people to commit crimes against them, which will increase the overall level of financial security significantly

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(and the castle roughly corresponds to Kyoto, the location of Nintendo HQ. Neat!)

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Today I realized that this island formation in Mario 3 is Japan

@trysdyn ...PSO2 means Phantasy Star Online 2, right? Not some other game with the same initials? I have so many questions


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Heartwarming children's story about a baboon who saves christmas with his shiny red butt

It's wild to me that some people let people leave comments on their stuff without pre-approval moderation. Unless you run a community where you have multiple moderators, you're dancing in a minefield. If it's just you, someone could post the most heinous nazi shit imaginable all over your site while you're asleep and it'll just be there for hours and hours. Anyone with e.g. a small youtube channel should enable the "hold for moderation" option, it's just common sense

@solterrasa That's fascinating and also a dedication to the ideal of "perfectly correct" that I 100% can't identify with lol

@matt ah I found it. Marengo ignored daylight savings time from 1975 to 2006. So any date between those two, the time is different than, for instance, Indianapolis, even though they’ll be the same forever from now on.

I installed a module on my wiki that lets users set their local time zone and the number of options present is ludicrous. Does Indiana really need six different entries on a time zone list? If you live in Indiana you're either in Eastern or Central.

If the idea is "well maybe the person lives in Indiana but doesn't know what time zone they're in", why have an entry for Marengo, a town of 800 people, and not like Fort Wayne or Bloomington? :sa_confused:

I don't want to make *that* bold of a statement; I think I'll just wear semi-cologne

I refer to the current era of the united states as (ominously) pre-decimalization

And this is my most prized piece of Open Source memorabilia: a sealed boxed copy of Red Hat 4.2 autographed by Annie Lennox herself

Skyrim with guns? Skyrim already had guns *flexes biceps barbarily*

Seize the means of production

Rip it in two with your bare hands and hurl it into the stratosphere

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