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Oh, Marie Kondo has a TV show now. That's why everyone's been talking about tidying up lately. Huh.

Too bad it's on Netflix, that might actually make for pleasant background noise

My friend sent me all of his spare Animal Crossing amiibo cards! I've been streaming Desert Island Escape with a randomly drawn team to add a little bit of spiciness, but I didn't have a very big card pool, now I have about 30. More than enough to keep things interesting. I'm ready to D.I.E.! (unfortunate acronym)

Now I'm just going around quietly saying "bwooooonk" like a real loser

It's a pretty fun word to say

Oh yeah, I forgot every piece of media also has a TV Tropes page. tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php

They don't have a specific term for it, so I propose "Armageddon Horn".

Anyway, Wolfenstein: TNC has one and I was probably thinking of Half-Life 2 because the new games remind me a lot of HL2 (appropriately) and I was wondering if that specifically was their inspiration. I guess not.

Was War of the Worlds (2005) the first instance of the "armageddon horn"? The big lumbering robot and/or monster that goes BWOOOOONK

I thought the Striders from Half-Life 2 might have had a horn but I looked it up and it's more like a bunch of low-pitched squeals. I was surprised not to find an entry on TV Tropes. Maybe I'm just not searching for the right thing.

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What I imagine "The Good Place" is based solely on the name: a sitcom about an an amusement park in an ailing de-industrialized rust belt town. They wanted a "Happiest Place On Earth"-style slogan and "The Good Place" was the best thing the owner, an ex-factory foreman, could come up with. There's essentially no local government so he bribes officials to pass all the inspections. His daughter, a plucky Penny-from-Inspector-Gadget type, has to help the parkgoers narrowly avoid death in new ways every week.

Catherine is out on PC?! :blobcatsurprised: Does this mean we're finally going to get Persona? I hope that's what it means.

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@Trysdyn Ah okay, I'm generally quiet but I piped up to make a metal slime joke when you fought the puffball, I understand why you were distracted. Pretty mean of the game to throw an annoying rare FOE to confuse you and then drop a boss on you out of sequence while you're still puzzling that out.

@Trysdyn I was there :) I'm Duke of the Bump on Twitch. I've been following your Twitch channel since the Dark Dungeon streams and recognized your name when I saw a post of yours here. Sorry for the two names thing, DotB is a pseudonym I use pretty much just for streaming stuff (mostly because I made it up a decade ago and now I'm stuck with it)

Glad you came around on the music! Yuzo Koshiro is maybe my favorite game composer. The FM-synth style in EO is kind of a weird throwback but I'm into it.

Whoa, the Etrian Odyssey 3 soundtrack heckin shreds youtu.be/14U64jWO85s

Makes me wish I could get into those games

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