My favorite flightless bird is the eagle - before you protest, consider that the eagle, like all birds, animals, and you and I, is tethered to this cruel earth, destined never to fly among the stars. We should all screech like the eagle, screech in rage at the God who put stars in the sky, the forbiddenest fruit for His flightlessest creations

The 1994 WWE (then WWF) Slammy Awards had a category for "Most Evolutionary", the winners of which were wrestlers named "Gorilla Monsoon" and "King Kong Bundy". I think this might be hilarious

What if they made a cut of "Back to the Future" with all of the time travel elements removed? That would be a tragedy

Man... I feel like Jonas Kyratzes' writing is just wasted in a game like Serious Sam 4. Watching someone play the beginning. There's a lot of stuff that *could* be clever or poignant, but everything is so stilted and poorly-paced and the VO direction is so bad that nothing's landing. What a bummer.

@mogwai_poet Oh yeah, I guess with only one analog stick they would have had to design it around some pretty compromised controls to begin with. What a weird console.

@srol That was where I tapped out too. I was more intrigued by the trolls than the midnight crew, because they were interacting with the A cast and I was curious how the stories would merge, but it just kept going and there was *so much* chat dialog. The text:story ratio just ballooned to a level I couldn't stay invested in.

I can see why a music group would name themselves after the National Film Board of Canada. The idea of a government that funds art has a certain magical realism to it. The phrase lights up the imagination and makes you want a peek into the strange fantasy world they're envisioning

@mogwai_poet I was curious, how'd you control the camera if the right stick was the pointer? L and R buttons? I'd be interested in emulating Galaxy but I'm not sure what the best control compromise is.

Did you know the N64 didn't even have a sound processor? That's right, it's all just PC speaker beeps. Wild what they learned to do with that thing.

Shakily holding up the top two needs of maslow's hierarchy while standing on the bottom level, knees wobbly, esteem and self-actualization swaying alarmingly in the breeze

Just wait until my wife Mrs. Matthew and our large family hear about this


The board game "Trivial Pursuit" takes its name from the phrase "trivial pursuit", meaning "a hobby or interest of little consequence". This phrase was coined in 1979 by the creators of the board game, for the purpose of giving the board game a phrase to be named after.

Anyway, if you ever cook instant ramen, twodaylife on youtube has kindly provided a corrected aspect ratio version of this video

Good one to keep on your phone, you never know when you might need it

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It's cool how vertical videos are always edited to have a bunch of unnecessary garbage on either side of the video instead of just letting them be displayed pillarboxed, so the one actual use case where filming a video vertically isn't senseless (watching it on a phone) can't take advantage of it and becomes an even WORSE experience than watching it on a landscape display

@notwa Oh oops I misread your statement as the opposite, sorry

I don't find them difficult to read but they tend to be positioned relative to your character, and I'm not a fan of UI elements that bounce around. I'd strongly prefer just a static bar graph or something at the bottom of the screen.

Oh no, Spelunky 2 comes out on a Tuesday. I'm going to get to play it for like an hour before I have to go back to work :| Dammit, why didn't I schedule THAT week for my vacation?

October 2-19 though... watch out, Olmec. Or whoever it is. I'm taking a spelunkation. A va-cave-tion. A yama holiday.

@notwa Oh nah, it's never confusing or difficult to read, it's just a feeling. Progressing counter-clockwise just doesn't feel right

I don't know why, but I feel like radial meters that start empty should fill clockwise but radial meters that start full should drain clockwise. I have no explanation for this contradiction. Maybe as a visual metaphor it's not compatible with indicating "empty" or "full", but just a change happening over a time period. Maybe a radial stamina meter that drains is actually just a fatigue meter that fills up.

Harry Potter and the Conscious Informed Decision

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