@MadestMadness Purple is red AND blue in one color. More color = better color


@trysdyn I adore the Dreamcast aesthetic, but even I don't know if there are any I'd consider "must-plays". Soul Calibur was incredible, enough to get me, a non-fighting game player, invested, but it's outclassed by its more easily played sequel (I don't know the state of Dreamcast emulation, but SC2 on the Gamecube runs perfectly in Dolphin.) I like Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 but they're objectively not great games. Jet Set Radio is rad as hell and also no fun at all to play - JSRF is the good one. Rez is fun to look at and listen to for about an hour. Chu-Chu Rocket is a fun puzzle game but probably works better on the phone. Crazy Taxi is a cool arcade game but that's about it, it still has arcade-level depth. I haven't played Skies of Arcadia, maybe that's a gem? But it also got a GC port which probably emulates better. I liked the combat in Grandia 2 a whole lot, but it turns into a slog that I couldn't finish. My feelings about that era of Sega are fond but complicated. A lot of "must-look-at"s.


I thought pink salt was just a gimmick, but it's actually easier to see how much you're using when you're applying it directly from the shaker. It helps prevent oversalting without the added inconvenience of measurement. They should add a little bit of pink dye to regular salt, it'd be way cheaper than importing it from Pakistan

In the part of the song where Lady Gaga says "paparazzi", I like to think that they're collectively signing their statement to her.

I'm your biggest
fan. I'll follow you
until you love me.


My brain has picked up this cool ability where it can assemble the sound of my wake-up alarm out of background noise. For awhile now my alarm has been a somewhat noisy chiptune track (Uphill City by Anamanaguchi) and my alarm is set to start off quiet and gradually get louder. When it first starts playing through the tinny phone speaker, it's not that distinguishable from the white noise of the fan and my CPAP machine. So I'll wake up thinking my alarm is going off, look at my phone, and realize it's not due to go off for another hour. If I want to go back to sleep, I have to kinda unfocus my brain to not hear it anymore, like when you're looking at the vase illusion and you consciously make yourself see the two faces instead. This has happened a few times. I wish I had a more useful superpower

A lot of people ask me how to write a great punk song. Look, it's not rocket science. Play the guitar really fast. Yell the lyrics really loud. Make the mic so distorted no one can understand you. Record your song in the middle of a busy street so it sounds avant-garde. Never talk to a cop without a lawyer present. Remember the basic music scale with "every good boy does fine". Just common sense stuff.

Making a stable currency is easy. I'd just peg its value to 150% of the US dollar

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I wish I were in charge of Belgium. I'd change the name of their currency to "Le Frankfranc" (French) or "Die Marquemark" (German)

Yes, I know they use the Euro. Mine would be better

A lot of people are outraged about Miley Cyrus's most recent public gaffe, but in my opinion, "she's just being Miley" :)

It's heterodox that bishops move diagonally instead of cardinal directions

Bring back the weird floating 3D arrow that just looks like a rectangle when you're going the right way because you're looking at it from behind

soda, health 

I think I'm finally determined enough to stop drinking soda, not out of concern for my health, about which I remain blissfully ignorant, but because I'm finally sick of hauling all that damn water home from the store. That shit's heavy. I'll make my own beverages using the water delivered to my home through underground pipes, for pennies on the carbonated dollar

@pants @balrogboogie "free" is a trap word to obscure the flows of power. if you say "water should be free for Nestlé to come and fence it", you are empowering Nestlé to the detriment of people (BSD license). If you say "the rivers in our city should be freely accessible by fascist warships", you are giving resources to fascists (GPL Freedom 0).

The refusal of the free software movement to take a stance against capitalists has empowered capitalists, because Amazon can get a lot more power out of all the "freely" available code than individual workers can, in the same way that Nestlé can get a lot more power out of a spring than you can.

Moreover the very unspoken premise that this is a problem solvable by licenses in a legalist framework pressuposes that laws and courts are good and work for the people, preventing reforms of the real cause of software injustice: private ownership of the means of production. The freedom to see the source code means nothing if the server farms, networks, computer factories etc. are all controlled by a handful of capitalists.

behind the joke 

When I was doing research for this joke I found out this song was in fact released as a single on vinyl in the UK discogs.com/Michael-Andrews-Fe (surely just for the club mix, since club DJs were the only people buying vinyl records in 2001.)

It's a 12-inch single, but interestingly none of the scans of the sleeve or label seem to specify a playback speed. 45RPM seems to be the de facto for 12" singles in the UK while the US typically sticks with 33. I guess there are so few exceptions that they didn't feel like it was necessary to point it out, so I'm assuming it was 45.

Saying "45s" is a bit disingenuous, since you're usually talking about 7-inch records when you say that, but I felt like it was the best word I could use to paint a mental picture of a road paved with vinyl records, which I think is more evocative than CDs

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The road to Hell is paved with 45s of Gary Jules' cover of "Mad World"

Please, Doctor Feelgood was my father's name. Call me Buster

Who would win (no hats)

@maya As if every single one of them isn't a sucker for marketing every 2 years when the new phone or laptop is out :swearing:

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