@venko Uh how is the 25th on a Saturday if the 1st is on a Friday? That's clearly the 23rd, friend. You've been bamboozled

This is in an air-conditioned, non-smoking home, it's not like they're sitting around in a garage or anything. But I guess it gets more humid here than it would in, say, a climate-controlled storage unit. Maybe that's it, it's the humidity wrecking everything like usual.

How come plastic baggies get so grody after sitting around for a few years? I use zip-lock bags to keep board game pieces organized, and after awhile they just turn into a thin, crinkly mess, the zip lock part becomes separated from the rest of the bag, they just get really nasty. I barely even touch them! I know you can buy new old stock stuff that's been sitting around in cellophane for 20 or 30 years and it's largely unchanged. Why does this plastic break down and other plastic doesn't?

By Jeff I mean Jeff Gerstmann of Giant Bomb, in this video. giantbomb.com/shows/14-oculus- He did later confirm that it is, in fact, Android. You can plug it into USB and enable ADB debugging and everything

I mean on one hand that's good because it means it's probably hackable, but I dunno. For something they were touting as the first all-in-one VR console I was expecting something... better

Wait, the oculus quest is just an android box?? I was watching Jeff stream games and it popped up with the "allow access to your photos, allow access to your microphone" thing

lmao it's literally just a VR headset with a built in phone. Oh my god

@socalledunitedstates Oh, I'm a native Appalachian, and trust me, those ads exist anyway. Check out the lyrics for "Coal Keeps The Lights On" (a song based on a coal company propaganda slogan) if you want some real nauseating corporate glurge

As if we'd all be sitting around in grass huts grunting at shadows if it weren't for the kindness and generosity of the coal barons πŸ™„

Someone out there has been looking for a complete set of knobs for their WaveKnobber 2000 for 20 years and seeing this image is making their eyes bug out of their head like a cartoon wolf. I will purchase this object and ship it anywhere in the world for one thousand dollars, cash. DM me

Saw this sweet set of knobs at the thrift store. I bet whatever equipment these go with is pretty sweet. A fancy multimeter? Some sort of audio gear? The case says Montgomery Ward on it, but that was just the name of a department store, so it could have been anything. The grey one is made of metal, so you know that one was for a special function. I bet you turn that knob for the grand finale, when you really want to wow the people there to see whatever it is you're doing

I kind of abhor the notion that you should be expected to just Make The Thing you want to make and just get lots of experience by doing, in an okay amount of time, as you're also in school, as you're also working a part or full time day job

The only personal possession I really need other than clothes and furniture to live a rich fulfilling life is a desktop personal computer, and this isn't an object that's for sale in any store you can find in 48 out of the 52 US states

Reason the fahrenheit scale is better: "it's nice 😎 outside"

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If I want to type and erase a 3-word response to someone multiple times because I'm awkwardly trying to find the right way to express a basic concept of humanity that I never quite was able to intuitively grok, that's between me and The Lord

I never want to know when anyone is typing, nor do I want anyone else to know when I'm typing. Typing is a private activity, to me

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