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I never got the thing in FF6 where they changed the name Tina to Terra because Tina sounded exotic to a Japanese audience, and Terra is more "exotic"-sounding to anglophones. When I hear the name Terra I just think of, like, Tara Reid or Tara Strong. Or the several people named Tara I went to high school with. It's fine, just a pretty ordinary woman's name with a different spelling

@fluffy People are getting wise to the fact that a lot of old computer enthusiasts are suckers with too much disposable income. A guy I watch on youtube just posted a video of recent-ish thrift store trips and he saw a CoCo 2 and a TI-99/4a for $200 each at *Goodwill*. I had that TI, it wasn't even worth $200 when it was brand new

@roadkillcobra Ah I don't think it's a problematic joke or delete-worthy or anything, but yeah it's depressing. Never underestimate white people's capacity to change the narrative and gaslight the world

@roadkillcobra I dunno, white people are still willing to increase their cancer risk to go sun tanning. Darker skin per se isn't bad as long as it doesn't erase their cultural whiteness. They'd probably turn it into a trendy new alternative to sunbathing

twitch drama 

Dexterity, Wisdom, Intelligence, Charisma, Constitution, Strength. Ah yes, the DWICCS system

I still don't really know what "30 Rock" is, but I assume it's the sequel to Third Rock From The Sun

I think alphabetical letters should have little extra bits dangling off the ends. Serif you agree

I wonder if anyone who played Final Fantasy 3 in North America heard that "Final Fantasy Seven" is coming out, assumed that they misheard the person, thought they said "Final Fantasy Sabin", and briefly believed that the next Final Fantasy game would be a spin-off all about Sabin from FF3

How come they call 'em "guards" when guarding is the action they perform? They oughta call 'em guarders. I'd trust a guarder to enguarden me

Angelhaired noodles boiling for the nascent culinary connection to the saucy casserole in the eatery of bite

@Nine Right? So it's so cold and mechanical-sounding. Totally uninviting. The US and UK tones are warm, welcoming. "Ah, get ready for a nice chat", they seem to say

Starting a Scott Pilgrim cover band called Dick Thwomp

You spin me Ratt "Round and Round"
That's a record, baby
Ratt's "Round and Round"

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