@aliasless I had no idea! Is there a specific one you'd recommend?

Wow, osu's come a long way since I first heard about it. Probably worth giving it a download, trying it out with the keyboard, see if it's worth investing in a controller.

They call it a "free-to-win" game, that's cute :blobowo:

TDM TDM: Taiko Drum Master team deathmatch

Jesus I can't believe it would cost almost $500 to play the new Taiko game

Apparently there's a TDM-like mode for osu. I wonder how similar it feels, how hard it would be to get working with the controller, and what the song selection is like

Wow it's obnoxious how apple makes the logo on their computers light up. It turns any video with a computer in it into a giant glowing apple ad. If I had to use one, I'd cover the shit out of that thing. With electrical tape or whatever I had available, if I have to.

matt 🏴 relayed

@virtual Looks like a normal Welsh error message to me, I don't see the problem

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@Pyretta I'm sorry :( You're right, "liberal" and "conservative" to most people are just teams they can join that don't have much bearing on how they actually behave. I considered myself "liberal" for years while having very ignorant and reactionary default values I didn't even think about. I just wanted to be on the "good team" as defined by my tragically narrow world view. I'm really glad that's not who I am anymore. I hope your father realizes he needs to change, too.

Apparently I can't all my words today.

There are seven billion realities none of them is "the correct one". Let's start with "all we can know is that we know nothing" and go from there.

Objectivism is a "philosophy" whose central thesis is "other people make the world too complicated and we shouldn't have to think that much". Any worldview that doesn't account for other people is a manifesto against thinking. It's an anti-philosophy.

There's a middle ground between "A 2-hour rigidly structured tutorial before you even really start, and after that we hold your hand and point you in the right direction the entire time" and "We'll tell you nothing. Look at the wiki or go fuck yourself."

That's where the good games live

You glam name is your favorite newspaper comic character plus the title of your favorite Neil Gaiman book. I'm Calvin Don't Panic: The Official Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Companion

@fluffy Yeah absolutely. I have no interest in making web apps and avoid js whenever possible. I just meant "useless" in the eyes of like, the industry™

But fuck em

I got okay at HTML right around the time web designers were becoming useless if they didn't know CSS, and I think I'm finally getting good at CSS now that web designers are useless if they don't know javascript.

@Trysdyn My intelligence has often been described as artificial... <_<

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