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moths (?) 

I don't know what these are, but I feel like they'd be worth a lot of bells

Shout-out to the person or family who has an artificial christmas tree lit up on their front porch in June. I'm proud of you for deciding what happiness means to you

Ah, the two best historical periods: 1) adding zombies to public domain fiction and 2) Mötley Crüe

Okay, here's my theory after 5 minutes of googling: There's an office supply company called Officemate International Corporation. Their logo looks like the letters OIC on 99% of their products, but there was a misprint on one of them that cut the tops of the letters off. Rather than accepting that it's a misprint, they decided it's a canon variation of their logo

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Just-boosted reminds me of this letter opener I have at work. It had a logo but I can't figure out what the symbols are. UIC? OIG? Was it stamped backwards and it's supposed to be JIU? UC with a line between the letters? Three meaningless shapes? It is a mystery :mystery:

"Cyberpunk" was invented when Billy Idol's mate set him up with an email address

omg, I forgot that every dog has a name and personality description you only ever see if you select it from your inventory, which the game gives you no reason to do. It's just a fun little bonus for anyone who thinks to do it. What a perfect game.

The dog, you see, is very large. That many children couldn't ride even a dog of above-average size. The unrealistic size of the dog leads to unexpected situations, and therein lies the most crucial element of all humor: subversion of expectations.

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What the fuck

I wish I was floating gently but irreversibly towards the sea

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Well, I got the key, but I don't understand the instructions. I like all of them. Do I have to pick one? :sa_confused:

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I've sat on it long enough, it's time to finally redeem my copy of the Humble Indie Bundle #2. Just gotta get my Desura key, and I'll be ready to play

Tokimeki Memorial 

Second playthrough, first good ending. This game is great. My first game ended in disaster, because I didn't know what I was doing, and almost everyone hated me by the end. This time around, no one's rating fell below a 😐️. I wasn't "pursuing" Shiori, and I probably never will, but we were still friends by the end, and I'm happy I didn't lose her.

I ended up with Yumi, who wasn't who I was expecting. On New Years Day 1999, I fully expected to go do the usual routine, go to the shrine with Shiori, get our fortunes for the year, make a wish, etc. But Yumi came over with the Heartthrob card game I got her for her birthday, saying she's been dying to finally play it, and heck, I couldn't tell her no. We spent all day playing it, and I had no regrets.

The only bad ending is the one where you end up alone; 12/13 of the endings are good, because all dozen of the girls are written with love

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