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Get a girl who looks at you the way Yuina looks at cheap electronics

Oh my god. The ꙮ is alive. What eldritch horror hast thou wrought

tech youtube 🙄 

"Can you put a GPU on a MOTHERBOARD?!?"

Yeah man, Nintendo did it in 1983. It's called the Ricoh RP2C0* picture processing unit. They just slapped that beauty right next to the ol' CPU. A lot like you suggest in your thumbnail! I don't know why you're making a face like someone just told you it can only be done with alien technology

Supercharge your faith with a Christianity Plus subscription. Just like in the bible!

Simply plug this into your wall and position the antenna. Your home will be fully wifi ready 😊



Is it a good signature or an uncertified signature I shouldn't trust?? It can't be both??

I hate software

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Um, why didn't it tell me the maximum for my name, comment and e-mail address was 55 characters? The key.asc cuts off my e-mail address. Some might argue that's the most important part

Oh well whatever, people can find it

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Well, I now have a public key, so if anyone needs to send me a secret message, go wild. My fingerprint is 498AFC97385158ACD775C58C1C2991BD5131844A and it's on

I assume if you use openpgp the software, you can retrieve it that way too, but I'm using GPG and I could not for the life of me get it to behave. No idea what I'm doing wrong, I followed their instructions and set it to use their server in the .conf file. It says there's a bug retrieving keys without verified e-mail addresses but I *did* verify my e-mail address. And my bug doesn't look like their example. It just gives me a bunch of nonsense

The best camera is the one that's with you, unless the one that's with you is the haunted camera from "Say Cheese And Die"

Learned that one of the values you can use with "font-family" is "cursive". Whatever font this gives you on android looks as you'd expect, but firefox and/or linux interprets this as... comic sans?? :sa_confused:

I wonder if the "In God We Trust" tape left the write-protect notches in, or if people had to scotch tape over it to record on side B

It'd be rad if they only removed the tab from Side A before selling it, but I doubt they'd have gone to the effort

I can't find any photos that include the notches :(

Now that's what free comic book day is all about: rewarding regular customers

web accessibility/design, caps 

Oh nice, I was kind of worried that making <strong> text a different color would be considered an accessibility no-no, but WAVE doesn't seem to have a problem with it

I like colored text. I don't think it should be relegated to just hyperlinks. I want to be able to make words really POP out on the screen like KEYWORDS in the ZELDA intro without needing to use CAPS and YELL at people

Links are underlined, so I don't think it's a big deal. I don't think it'll confuse anyone

The alerts are just suggestions that the footnote and tags may be mistakenly unlabeled headers because it wasn't sure how to read them, and letting me know that I linked to a youtube video, so I should try to make sure it's properly captioned. And yeah, I feel you. I wish I could

"800 billion dollars" was always my go-to line for a truly ludicrous amount of money because of this old Simpsons scene. I&S Studios was basically a stand-in for Disney. I don't know what they were worth in 1996, but even now this number is almost 4x Disney's market cap. It's a total fantasy number, I was sure no company would ever reach it while I was alive

Now it's less than a third of what Apple's worth

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