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The Wii U charging cradle makes a perfect phone stand. I can't take a picture of my phone while it's on it, so here's my wallet as a proxy. Good to know the Wii U is still good for sonething

Hi, I'm D-Dog, and I'm the biggest bee fan in Chicago


Also blessed with a Luna moth sighting

Two good omens! Something good is going to happen today

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plastic genitals 

This is important. This means something.

medical masks 

I dunno how common these are or if they're available outside a hospital, but if you can find em, these Halyard fluidshields are way more comfortable (and thus also seem more effective) than your standard 3M N95. they're easier to mold to the contours of my face, it feels like there are no gaps for stuff to get through. It also makes it look a lot like you have a duck bill, so bonus points for anyone with a birdsona

To determine how much time has elapsed, simply look at your watch sometimes

I'm now getting spam for the concept of spam itself

Dwarf Fortress changelogs are good content, but idle games are entertaining in a different way

making puzzles 

Experimenting with slime fusion. Fusing makes the slimes powerful but unstable. They can eat any normal obstacle, but encountering a solid wall causes them to explode back into their constituent parts. (the mechanism by which the slimes re-appear in the fusion device is currently unknown.)

Anyone recognize the boombox from the new Vengaboys video? At first I thought it was the GPO brooklyn, that crummy modern retro-style boombox Techmoan talked about, but looking closer I think it must be something from the 80s or 90s, since it has shortwave bands and it still refers to AM as "medium wave"

Someone hacked the Shadowrun rom to give him a unique character sprite with a light blue trenchcoat, but once he made it out of the Redmond barrens, he discovered that it's actually an amazing technicolor dreamcoat. Unbelievably cybre

I don't know how it came to pass that the Vengaboys album I downloaded a decade ago doesn't have either of the songs I know, but it still has some slappers and boppers

Also I love the audacity of naming it "The Platinum Album". That might even be better than naming your first album "Greatest Hits". And hey, they called their shot, it *did* go platinum (in Australia, Denmark, India and New Zealand)

This is the worst pronunciation guide I've ever seen

Oh god please don't, people don't need help with this

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