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conspiracy nonsense goofpost 

Fuck, I think I just got a Q drop

Oh dang, I love Monkey Bython's Aerial Carnival. My favorite bit is the sickly parakeet sketch

This has always been my favorite English expression

pointless clock nostalgia 

Huh, Fran Blanche took apart this alarm clock on her youtube channel and I had exactly the same one as a kid. I think the Spartus logo was a little smaller, but otherwise it's identical. We bought it at a yard sale for a buck and I used it for years and years

I don't remember it being nearly as dim as she's saying it is; she says it's showing up well on camera but it's almost impossible to see in person. I figure it's because she's looking at it under stark studio lights, cause on the brighter setting under normal household lighting I could see it during the day just fine. It has a dimmer switch in case it's too bright at night, which was thoughtful of them

I don't miss the sound the alarm made (very shrill buzzer) but I do miss being able to see what time it is at night without having to look at my phone. If only there was still a way to do that; these secrets have been lost to us

gender, picture of a bug, goofpost 

That's an unusual way for Andrew to introduce herself, but I appreciate her sharing :)

Quotation marks mean you're quoting exactly what someone says, and they look like a sideways equals sign. So there should be paraphrase marks that look like sideways approximate signs

I can't believe people actually used to produce TV shows on this thing. It seems so primitive compared to the tricaster

Finally a simple, minimalist blogging service that only requires me to use two other platforms

Hey Siri, did any bands ever use the radiodrum?

*beep* "Sorry, I didn't get that"

(sigh) no one did...

us insurrection (Jan. 6), batshit legal writing, sarcasm 

Hey buddy, law school just called. They want to give you another degree. Do you have a Ph.D yet? I think we finally have a worthy successor to the socratic method

Remember Jack Nicholson's famous "You have ordered off my freedom menu" speech in A Few Good Men? Still gives me chills

Ahh... the sun is shining, I've got a smile on my face and a spring in my step, my thumbs are sticking up to that beautiful blue sky... I haven't felt this upvote in months

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