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Wikipedia editors were so sick of people arguing on the talk page for this math thing that they made an exception to their "not a forum" policy and created a special talk page just for people to argue about it

old gadget 

This is a weird one. I've seen these kind of dedicated e-mail appliances before, but never one that connects with a built-in acoustic coupler. In 1998! What a wacky idea

"No cable, no wires, no hassle!" I dunno, this seems like more of a hassle than plugging a cable into an RJ11 port, but I guess it was for very busy and important business people who urgently need to check their e-mail from a payphone

bad writing 

Look at this disaster of a sentence from the "Golden Fleece" wikipedia article. This is what you write when you're trying to hit 500 words on the school bus the morning the paper's due when you haven't even read the assignment

I saw a picture of the first wireless mouse, and for several seconds thought someone mixed up the photo with a USB dongle for a modern wireless mouse


Just finished Shining in the Darkness for the first time since I was a kid, and I had a heck of a good time. It was the first RPG I ever finished, but I never replayed til now because I was afraid I would need to draw a map---I remember spending hours and hours hopelessly lost because I relied on the in-game map spell, which only shows a tiny portion of the surrounding dungeon and doesn't show landmarks, and I don't have that kind of time now

Luckily, I've gotten a lot better at intuitive navigation since then, so I was able to get by just fine. It was a little tedious having to cast a spell every time I want to look at the map, but not nearly as tedious as drawing my own would've been. I'm excited about Shining the Holy Ark now

Well, I've found a functional image editing program, and I just managed to wirelessly print. I'm impressed, and starting to believe linux will be viable for daily use when the inevitable happens

I was skeptical, because the driver list didn't have my printer model, I had no faith the generic one would do anything, and the program froze and I had to manually terminate and retry it. And yet it prunt

Between Knowledge Fight and Behind the Bastards, there's a new Dan and Jordan podcast every day this week

New Start button just dropped. A new paradigm in computing. "Start Button 2", they're calling it

There's no filter I can apply to make a black cat on my black pants in a dirty laundry room in the terrible blown-out lighting of the sun 'gram-ready, but I can go the other way and make it look *more* like eraserhead, so here you go

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This monster looks like someone brought the 90s "jazz" pattern to life

google search- 

I know this isn't about anything important, but google suggesting a paragraph from a bad satire website as an answer to the question I asked doesn't fill me with confidence about the important things

i don't have a dog, but i still don't appreciate my bank threatening my dog

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