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tobacco advertising 

We ain't here to cause no trouble

We just wanna ride the state house shuttle

What the hell kind of mod website is this if you can't even upload a wad?! Have you even heard of video game modding? Good grief

questionable, maybe gross food 

"Hey Bioforge, I need to be kicked in the face."

"I can do it. I will do it nine times."



Sigh... even with r_visibility cranked up, you can still get areas like this. Not being able to see isn't fun to me

Also, as a commenter pointed out, the design of this is pretty much identical to another Hong Kong cassette recorder you can get on Ali Express (wholesale price ~$9) so they're probably just taking the exact same model, replacing the AM/FM radio with a bluetooth one and the only original part in it is the transparent cover. And they're selling it for $75. Amazing scam.

ReCAPTCHA sucks post #7,412 

Oh well, in happier headphone news the new earpads arrived and they're just what I needed. Feeling good & looking good~

I wonder what headphones Patrick Klepek uses. They look like they'd block sound pretty well.

I need a pair of bluetooth hearing protector headphones that also have a 3.5mm input that *doesn't* require the headphones to be on for the physical connector to work. None of the bluetooth earmuff headphones I can find say whether they have to be on for the passthrough to be active or not. My current ones do. If they didn't, they'd be perfect.


This is where goombas come from. Every autumn they fall from the trees and shed their spiky exterior. They're also delicious roasted over an open fire. I can't wait for this year's goomba harvest

The item shop in the autumn-themed area is called "Fallmart" and the Lakitu shopkeeper has a fun leaf crown

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