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The Nintendo Keyboard has a special alt key you use to type the euro symbol

That's it, that's all it does

I did an image search for "frog" because I forgot what frogs look like. If you want to see some frogs, this is one of the best moves you can make, imo. Not only will you see what frogs look like, you'll see a wide variety of different frogs in different configurations; I.E. this is a dumpy tree frog with snail headphones.

I didn't realize when I ordered it, but the box does come with a stand for the DS, which accommodates my XL just fine. The stand even has a build in cartridge holder! Very nice little setup.

The PokΓ©mon Typing Adventure keyboard has a big, tactile power switch that clearly lets you know whether the device is on or off without a blue LED. Remember these? Isn't that nice?

Whoa, what version of Wolfenstein 3D had this weird action bar at the bottom? Is this from a mobile port? Or did someone just add this to their youtube thumbnail for flavor or something. Hard to see why anyone would go to the trouble.

Oh no, a giant lever and the only tool I have is this whip! Perhaps I could find some sort of anchor point, tie the whip around the lever, and use it as a kind of pulley to... ah, nope

As loathe as I am to say anything good about Facebook, I really like their vampire emojo. I don't usually like when humanoid emojos use the smiley face yellow color, but they're a vampire, so it makes sense that they'd be sallow.

I searched the droid store for "Rotatris", and it's not what I described, the pieces aren't tetrominoes and you rotate the play field with the touch screen, but it's still kinda cool!

Also every microgame, even the ones without characters, have a fighter representing them.

Truly the most ambitious Nintendo crossover event in history. Everyone is here.

Not only can you see infrared light on an ordinary camera phone, you can also hear it. o_O [CW strobe]

Oh my God

I had literally two minutes of Christmas left and I remembered I didn't open VLC yet

That was a close one

Welp I've made 25% of a VVVVVV level and I'm done. I'm out of ideas.

I have what I think is a really solid quarter of a level, but it only takes 15 minutes to finish and this is after thinking about it pretty much nonstop for a week. Maybe some more ideas will come to me. Might have to think outside the box a little bit.

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