Last two times in SWtG rando. Getting pretty okay at it. I bet I can get below an hour.

For a fun eye treat, try watching a video recorded in 256 color mode, compressed for 32-bit color, in 256 color mode

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It pleases me that my display adapter has a mode that's full resolution and maximum refresh rate, but 256 colors. Maybe I'll leave it like this for awhile. Help me better appreciate the millions of colors I take for granted

Today I realized that this island formation in Mario 3 is Japan

I installed a module on my wiki that lets users set their local time zone and the number of options present is ludicrous. Does Indiana really need six different entries on a time zone list? If you live in Indiana you're either in Eastern or Central.

If the idea is "well maybe the person lives in Indiana but doesn't know what time zone they're in", why have an entry for Marengo, a town of 800 people, and not like Fort Wayne or Bloomington? :sa_confused:

Seize the means of production

Rip it in two with your bare hands and hurl it into the stratosphere


This Nintendo logo from Donkey Kong Country is rendered at 512x224 o_O ytf?

Oh hey, the IntegerScaler program I was talking about using for RPGmaker games?

Also a great way to play Shockwave games that run in a non-resizable 400x300 window. The mouse cursor's properly scaled and clicks where you think it should (which doesn't show in any kind of screen capturing method, so apologies for the cellphone video)

I noticed they were nice enough to add a game I made :blobowo: it's HTML5 and not at risk of becoming unplayable or anything, but I still appreciate it

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I found a clipboard at the drugstore when I was picking up a rx, but all they had were this new cheap kind that doesn't clip with as much force, doesn't have leverage to lift the clip, and doesn't have a spot to hold your pencil. We had clipboards figured out for most of my life, why are they bad now?

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I had an idea once to do a solo Mario Party stream, and I had planned to have a rotating "Tips and tricks" box on-screen to add a little visual interest. Made about 60 of these, took quotes from manuals, strategy guides, contemporary reviews, and sprinkled in a few trivia facts

Shining Force 2- 

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I am a developer, so where's the button to disable this message forever? Oh there isn't one, sweet

Do you think at any point during the development of Xargon someone working on it asked "why does he shoot lasers out of his dick"

Or would that just have been a silly question in 1994

I never made it far enough in nethack to encounter a beholder, which is a shame, because they're a cutie

Damn, this South Africa-themed DOS Monopoly game I found is secretly a Monopoly construction kit. You can have a board with up to 100 squares, 100 chance cards and 100 community chest cards. Has AI players too, and they're able to trade pretty intelligently! Much more sophisticated than I was expecting

I didn't know my mastodon client had this feature, but it's very helpful

Ah yes, the Apple iPhone. Love that timelessly chic Jony Ive style, a true design classic

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