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Wait never mind

This is my aesthetic

My web design chops were pretty on point when I was 18. I should make my site look like this again.

Goodnight you princes of rivets, all you kings and queens of denim

💈 👖

Every liberal puff piece about the alt-right

Huh I wonder if this could be who's responsible for poisoning the town's water supply

They're all transparent and look ok shrunk down, for the most part

I don't know if Mastodon emojums have any special requirements or anything, but here's the ones I made for my Discord server. Use them in good health.

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First game of 30 Rails... uh... didn't go well.

At least I have a handle on the rules. I was just using a dice rolling program, tomorrow I'll bring some actual dice. That's half the fun, after all.

The best day of the year is finally here.

Happy halloween, everyone! :owosneaky:

The lady who founded The Home of the Underdogs has a good Instagram page (as good as Instagram can be, anyway) with lots of cool board game pics

Here's the comic my friend Spencer made with the ohnotarizer

Aww :) But also aww :(

The Secret of Mana remake comes out in 2 days. It looks so good. This is exactly what I want 3D games to look like. I hope it feels good to play.

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