Final Fantasy 8 

Oh rad. I'm in a timed dungeon. When I pressed pause, the timer stopped. But when I unpaused, it turns out the timer was running all along. Now I have 1 minute to finish instead of 20. :angery:

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Final Fantasy 8 

The library had a glowy blue spot with 14 esunas in it. That seems pretty good. Most final fantasy games I'm lucky to get 1 or 2 esunas

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Final Fantasy 8 

Never played this game before

Cloud 2 is in monster fighting school and has to take a test. But first thing's first, had to explore everything. He learned how to summon Birdo and Sheena, who are his girlfriends, by looking at a computer. Then he wandered into the training area and got in a fight with a t-Rex. His girlfriends aren't powerful enough though, and got killed by the t-rex. I think the same fate is about to befall Cloud 2. This is a rough training area. Luckily I saved right before this, so next I'll check out the library

Oops, can't definitively say 6 is my least favorite of the SNES FF games cause there's one I haven't played yet

Time to have some fun

Finally finished FF6, after 20-ish years. God knows how many attempts have been made in that time, at least half a dozen. It's still my least favorite entry on the SNES, but it's not without its charm. Can't see myself revisiting this one, but I'm glad I saw it through

That's what I gather based on this review, anyway. I disagree with the reviewer that this is a "con". The Giant hallway is one of the worst parts of the game. It's a hallway in a dungeon where you trigger an identical battle with giants every single step you take, in any direction. The game's lousy with this sort of thing, which is infuriating given the already ludicrously high random encounter rate. I can't imagine why anyone would be mad that they changed it, but I can't imagine why anyone would still like the original FF either

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Oh my god, it looks like the new FF1 remaster might have done away with trap tiles finally? The game might actually be playable now??

The NES remakes look okay except for the font. And if you switch to the Japanese font, it's less unbearable. Gonna watch people play and try to get a sense of how much the mechanics have tweaked, it might be worth getting

Huh, my prescription came in a bag that says XIM on it. I must've been the 989th customer

I did not acquire google on my new Linux, and if I did, I certainly would not want google to "personalize my experience". You must have me mixed up with some other Linux-haver

thinkpad help request 

Does anyone have experience with thinkpads with these kind of rectangular power adapters? Does anyone know if they're prone to failure, or if the port on the laptop is? I don't want to get a new charger if it's probably the computer

It's always acted odd - Windows would sometimes randomly report that the power came unplugged, on and off, but the batter would still charge even when it thought it was unplugged. I shrugged it off as a Windows problem. But now it's not giving the computer any juice at all, battery or no, Windows or no

The little power LED flashes whenever it's plugged in, but it always did that when it thought it wasn't charging, and it always was anyway. It's an X250, if that helps

I'm not happy about needing to install node.js, but I can confirm that I got FediRenderer to produce a readable offline copy of my archive, and it was pretty painless. I followed the instructions here:

Let's see what I was up to three years ago

The other day I was trying to figure out if it was still possible to buy a wind-up watch and found this septic tank of an essay

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Remember back in the 80s when scooby doo would do a bunch of wacky crossovers where they meet, like, batman or the Harlem globetrotters. They should do that again

Ah, good. Thank you

I found a final fantasy 6 hack that lets you select blitz attacks from a menu instead of having to do street fighter combos, but it made the game crash whenever I tried to target a different enemy in battle. Sigh

So I found a different one that replaces all the blitz combos with a single button press. I'd still rather have a menu, but I guess this is acceptable. This isn't my only problem with the game, but it's been one of the big ones that tends to kill my momentum early on

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