Was frantically looking for a USB-B cable so I could plug in my printer, and I thought I found one, but it was one of these things

USB 3.0 B connectors are different from USB 2.0 B connectors? You shittin me? I hate universal serial bus


Truly an epithet for all occasions. Who among us can't relate

This font either screams "shake your rump" or "roast beef sandwich", I can't decide which

"Beefbag" is a genre of music that consists entirely of words that can be spelled out with the letters of the standard musical scale. It's also the first song in that genre

Today I learned that a handful of famicom games were put into NES cartridges, and they're exclusively for this amazingly industrial-looking Nintendo jukebox. (the NES games in the photo are just for show, they wouldn't actually be compatible with the machine, nor would Famicombox games work in an NES.)

I feel I'm going to be discovering new ultra-rare old video game stuff that existed in Japan until I die. Next year it's going to be a Sony VCR that doubles as a Sega Saturn. It plays VHS tapes but has a second slot for special proprietary betamax saturn cartridges. The games you could buy in this format were Sonic 3D Blast and Zoop. They only sold 3 units to children's hospitals in late 1997.

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What begins as an unguarded train of thoughts slowly can become an addiction to the slumber of disconnection and the resonance of memory that no longer has a shape, but keeps you numb through the hours till gone is another day.

Be aware, my darling, these things I say I mean are just traces of something I long to feel again. I see our time expand In the air almost forcibly, spreading thinner til it dissolves completely.

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Dang, I downloaded the mobile telephone version of Nanaca Crash and I got almost 9k on my first go. I got two of the green girl boosts!! (the special windows feel a lot more generous in this version)

Design concept for a turn-based, deckbuilding MOBA. Pick a team and get your human units to the ancient tower, to defend it. Unique 4-lane layout. First player to get all 4 hero units to their own tower wins. Watch out, because you have to go through treacherous enemy territory to get there

Hm, I think my first act after defeating the oppressive oligarchs and becoming a hero to the people will be to torch a hundred million dollars by building a gold statue of myself in honor of my victory. This is normal and never leads to anything bad


Fantasy Zone is such a weird arcade game. I dig it. As far as I can tell, there's no real time pressure. You can go back and forth freely, there's no time limit, you don't have to worry about running out of fuel. Maybe if you hang out long enough it summons some sort of pterodactyl/Evil Otto equivalent, but I'm taking my sweet time and haven't seen anything like that yet.

It's goal based, on the first level you have to kill all the hovering UFOs, at which point you fight a boss and move onto the next stage. You collect gold that you spend at shops that occasionally appear to upgrade your ship. It doesn't feel like an arcade game, so I like it. Definitely the best of the 4 arcade games you can play in Yakuza 0

Also when you touch the ground, your spaceship grows feet!

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