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Oh dang. There's a DOS port of Eamon and it pretty much looks like a BBS door game. Very exciting!

I started the tutorial dungeon and died to the first enemy :toot:

Look, call me a prude if you want, but I think 14 months is just too young to handle the mature themes of Vampire: The Masquerade. I think kids should *at least* be in second grade before they try to tackle the horror and political intrigue of the world of darkness. Heck, I reckon even middle school kids could get something out of it.

Wow thanks google, I'll be sure to be careful with this zip file I encrypted and emailed to myself

Oh dang, I found it. Sure enough, it was tangled in a nest of mostly identical-looking black wall warts, but the bullshit proprietary connector stood out enough among the mostly USB connectors that it didn't take me long to excavate it. Crisis averted!

Seriously though, the hell is this, micro-shotgun?

My horse might be in its comfort zone, but it's kinda pushing me out of my comfort zone tbh

I love that classic gamefreak slogan, unaffiliated with any IP partially owned by Nintendo

It'd be nice if there was a way to listen to the SPC sets at around the same volume without doing replay gain analysis on 28000 individual tracks

You'd think that would be what one of these settings in SNESamp is for, but they are like hieroglyphics to me. Nothing happens when I click help and no instructions seem to exist. I've been fiddling with the settings for over an hour to see if any of them make the music play in a way that a human might want to listen to, and no luck so far

I will never meet another human in real life who wants to play a 2-hour TRPG session about going to a town, buying cute items cheaply, and taking a bath :blobpensive:

πŸ™„ Okay Wikipedia, this is clearly against the spirit of the concept you're trying to illustrate

I heard a track from a SNES game called Gourmet Sentai Barayaro, and judging from the one word in the title I recognize, I expected it to be some kind of cooking game, or maybe like a restaurant business sim

Well, it does have a lot of beef in it

The thrift store had dozens of brand new pairs of these socks for sale, and "lol man socks" aesthetic aside, I love them, they're incredibly thick and cozy. They're expensive by thrift store standards ($1.50 a pair) but I got six and I'll probably go back for more just to future-proof my sock drawer

I wasn't expecting this to work at all on a modern PC, but somehow it does. I installed it and it just works. And wow is it adorable

There were a million Puzzle Bobble clones on PC over the years, but they didn't have Bub, and they didn't have Bob, so they are anathema to me

Whoops, forgot to reset my exposure levels. Slightly better pic.

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