Nintendo: Fuck off id, we don't want Mario on computers, we don't care how good your port is

Also Nintendo:

What's the use case for a .icu top-level domain? Do they really expect that intensive care units are going to want a cute custom URL? Or it supposed to be a general-purpose domain for hospitals and medical stuff?


Spelunky glitch I've never seen before. I died and revived with the ankh right after I threw a boomerang, so it's in a state of eternal hover-tracking trying to get back to me. Neat

If your phone does not close, please open it, and then try closing it again.

This baby goes up to 100 hectares on a single tank of kerosene

DQYS spoiler 

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omg there's a store in my town called "computer warehouse" and it looks like this? I have to see what they have for sale

Reviews of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie are in: "Miraculously watchable"

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