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matt 🏴

I've put off downloading the android update so long it doesn't even give me the option to say no anymore. I tap the home or back button and this message pops back up every 10 minutes.

Anyone know if there's a (non-rooting) way to disable the message altogether? Or should I just accept this is my future now?

This is the smallest mario I could make. I'm sorry. I'll try to do better.

My grandparents' tax dollars didn't pay for this logo so some hoity-toity government astro-bureaucrats could push me around, by god

Only problem is, I have every game installed that they recommend (except counterstrike, because why the hell would I own that) plus every other source game I own and I still frequently get maps that look like this

These textures and objects can't possibly all be from counterstrike, can they? I'd really rather not have to spend another $10 on a game I'm never going to play

Had a dream that I made my ringtone the Sega CD startup music, my text notification the ring noise, and all other notifications the little "Se-ga" chime

Honestly, I think this is one dream I can make a reality. I believe in myself.

You know how there was a brief fad of taking public-domain content and making it zany with zombies and vampires? Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter, etc?

I discovered that, at least for Pride and Prejudice, there's a very large scene of published
sequels and prequels played totally straight that predates the zany stuff, and I think that rules. I want to publish some public domain fanfic.

"Americans Own Less Stuff, and That’s Reason to Be Nervous

What happens when a nation built on the concept of individual property ownership starts to give that up?"


"- one of my favorite gameboy games is mickey mouse IV. you may know it better as the real ghostbusters... or, uh, garfield labyrinth
- oh, i only played the sequel, bugs bunny 3, as well as the 9th game in the series, woody woodpecker 5"

FINALLY. All my hard work pays off. It's time to allocate some points. You work hard, you do the right thing, and you find perfection of spirit and body.


"Each living being you've eaten or exploded adds to a counter and grants a boost to your score."

My snake, Fernando, finally reached his goal. SVIRL is proud of him, but more importantly, he's now in possession of ten mysterious keys. What could they unlock? What wondrous reward is in Fernando's future? His quest is complete, but I have a feeling the real quest is just beginning...

SVIRL isn't impressed with my snake's mass, but she's supportive nonetheless. My determination to obtain 500 kg of mass is stronger than ever.

Ohh, I see. No wonder I've never been good at Snake.

Anyone wanna buy cable TV service for cheap? I stole this one. I took it illegally, so I'm selling it very cheaply. I don't have a TV to connect it to. You'll have to find one of those on your own. But once you have one, you can have this cable TV service I obtained illegally without paying. You'll have to pay me a little bit, but it'll be much less than it would cost from the cable company, because I stole it from them so my costs are very low.

Oops I mean I'm an authorized distributor.

These flip clocks always looked so messy and unsatisfying to me. The numbers are misaligned, the flap layers are asymmetrical, it doesn't count the seconds, it just looks cheap and unreliable. I wouldn't trust one of these to wake me up.

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Sonic fighters seems like a bad game but man I love its look

More bright, colorful, low-poly, high-framerate content please

Can't believe this sport isn't in the olympics yet