Um, excuse me, Scorched Earth is the mother of all games. It says so right on the title screen.

Does anyone know of any free fonts inspired by the vector fonts on PLATO terminals? Wolfenstein 2's enigma terminal is a real good example of what I'm looking for. Searxes have been fruitless so far

I guess the only way these could become popular is via a phone app, and these types of puzzles are just too complex for a good touchscreen UI. Sudoku and picross are simple enough to work, but I tried a couple "zebra puzzle" apps, and the UI they've all settled on isn't even close to as satisfying on a visual and tactile level as filling them out on paper. I don't want you to give me pictograms to eliminate, I want the gratification of filling in a big, empty grid.

Looking for books in English? No problem, did you want that in Great Britain English, US English, English English or English English English?

This 2011 interview with the creator of megaman (translated in 2016 by the indispensable shmuplations) is very good

Tinkered around with my ASCII dungeon thing a bit more. Got it working with 32-bit color and displaying at the correct size without any gaps between characters, which was an ordeal. Have a nice little translucent shadow on the player for better visibility on different terrain

Still just using text files for everything. If I want one of the characters in more than one color, I can just pick another character to map to it.



Dang. Robert Boyd's (Cthulhu Saves the World, Cosmic Star Heroine) first game demo can still be downloaded from his old angelfire page, which still exists.

It crashes in dosbox after the intro, though. It's a shame, it looks good

uk politics, celebs, bootlicking 

It's 2020, this is what computers look like now. Welcome to the future, asshole




The album "Comfort Eagle" starts out with a simple, straightforward song about an opera singer describing his job, and then immediately pivots to whatever this is

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