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Whoa, when I was at the thrift store the other day I saw a little thermal printer with some kinda wonky USB-ish cable hardwired, and I just realized that whatever it is, the thinkpad totally has one! I wonder if anyone's bought it yet...

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"Tonight's the night for Multimedia Cats, a 1995 reference CD-ROM by InRoads Interactive about... cats"

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All the cards are there, surprisingly, including the most horrific jokers I've ever seen

Thrift store haul: A set of dice with pictographs of various verbs, a deck of Windows 95 Solitaire cards, and a tactical aluminum flashlight that does 1d6 bludgeoning damage. $4.00

For the record, I will play ANY game where you're collecting giant multicolored keys. I might not play them to completion, in fact I usually won't, but I'll at least give them a shot. I'm a hummingbird and this is my brightly-colored flower.

Haha dang, I never saw the "concept art" for You Have To Burn The Rope, this is adorable. I wish it was higher res.

"this is so good!"
"not too hard"
"people will LOVE this, so smart!!!"


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Check out this 0.25 euro piece from France commemorating Benjamin Franklin

Would we ever release a special coin to honor some French guy?

"It also seemed that there was a management concern that
an operator might fall asleep if he were allowed to sit in a chair at a desk. (Interestingly enough, there were high chairs in the control room. After the operators got used to the
automated control and understood how little they would have to do manually, the clever ones would put
one of these high chairs in front of the panel and use pointer sticks to reach the buttons on the panel without
getting out of their chairs.)"

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There's this low-poly, flat shaded racing game called Horizon Chase Turbo and it looks amazing. My friend got the switch version and recommended it. Stylistically it feels like the modern successor to Virtua Racing or Daytona. Good reviews, so hopefully it controls well. It actually has a demo! I'm gonna download the heck out of it when I have some time on Sunday.

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