It's too bad I don't read Japanese, I have no way of knowing whether this CD player is worth $26,000

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I love that magazines like this can still exist. Print periodicals dedicated to extremely niche interests, especially historical interests, are my jam

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Seeing what magazines I can check out digitally through my local library. There's some good stuff

This sticker pack on facebook is called "the gamer cat", which is a clever way of sneaking an ancom cat onto a popular messenging service

I can't believe on my 2560x1080 monitor I can see information about a whole six videos at a time before I have to scroll. The youtube video manager is, without question, the worst UI I've ever seen

Anyway, I have content for the next couple weeks

The Mr. Boop computer game ( feels like he grabbed photos from house listings on zillow, which now that I think about it, is a super good idea for a point-'n'-click-em-up. So many photos of multiple angles of carefully decorated interiors with no people in the frame that you can fill with objects and interactibles

So annoying how books these days always have like an entire paragraph of subtitles

Whaddaya mean Winamp gets confused by a 15-hour Mp3. Didn't they have those in 1997?

Dolphin's an extremely solid way to play the best fighting game, it turns out

The "strong vs weak" meme always makes me think of Blood Quest for the Apple II

Computer, set a reminder for me to come into the office an hour and 36 minutes earlier on April 20th

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Man, the 2010 Gamma World reboot was so good. "Rolled something that doesn't make sense? Come up with some bullshit!"

Don't worry, there will be plenty of apples for you! Nobody will take away your precious apples

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