I know references are just cheap fan gratification, but I'm impressed by the sheer number, and depth from which they pulled them

Chester J. Lampwick's rocket car is mentioned once in one episode and on-screen for about 8 seconds, but here it is, parked right in front of his solid gold house. You can take it for a drive. I'm gratified

Started my day off with a lovely walk on a nice sunny 40Β°F day. Continuing the good vibes with some classic video gameing. It looks like Milhouse has a quest for me


I've become a big fan of these ultrafine papermate flairs. Fran Blanche did a video about them, and I was like "hmm..." Then my partner said she has all these pens she's not going to use; she has her own preferred brand and asked if I wanted them, and I said sure. Then at work they asked that I use blue pens, so all the pieces fell into place

I've been using the same one for like 3 months now, and it's still going strong. The tip has the perfect combination of firmness and give, the line is pleasing and uniform. An ideal pen experience

Of course the dudes who made D&D would refer to shares in their company as "units of value". Fuckin nerds

I know the internet's probably already made a big deal out of this, but I just discovered something weird about the N64 version of Mario Tennis: Mario is usually the officiator, but since he's also a playable character, who do they get to officiate when Mario's in the game?

Well, there's a blue Mario.

There's a blue one.

Everyone knew there were red, green, orange and purple Marios. But who is blue Mario? Blario?

toki pona game 

I changed the game *again* to "seven words", because I realized that ten is too many. I'm using "mastermind" as my blueprint, and I somehow got the idea that it uses ten colors. There have been multiple versions, but it seems like the basic version uses six. I added one because six feels a bit too easy. "nimi luka tu" fits the cadence of "pico fermi zilch", so I'm happy about that

I've rewritten the rules about 5 times as I learn more grammar / better ways to be more clear. Haven't done the phonetic or translation layer yet, and the layouts aren't finalized yet, but here's the cover, rules and an example game. Going to have a page with variations/ideas for different ways to play, an english explanation page, and maybe a glossary

Saw a felled pencil tree. Pretty rare to see one that hasn't been processed yet. Maybe it's supposed to be an orange pencil and they're waiting for the lead to ripen

toki pona 

My original idea for the name of the game was to use the same format as "pico, fermi, zilch", but I decided it's unnecessarily complex. I didn't like the word "o" appearing in the title with another character that looks like the letter O. There's not a huge corpus of works written in toki pona, so I can use a very simple title without conflicting with anything, and simple is good

toki pona 

Glyphs, pronunciation and translation for the game I posted the other day. I'm not 100% sure about the grammar, but I think it's close. There's no real convention for referring to a word as a word as far as I can tell, so I made up the convention of using square brackets as quotation marks

(words like "lizard" and "paper" are more specific than the glyphs but "non-cute animal" and "flat and bendable thing" wouldn't fit in the infobox)

This toki pona font is pretty mind-blowing github.com/janSame/linja-pona

Not only does it use ligatures to replace the ASCII characters with glyphs as you type, you can use a plus sign between them to combine glyphs. There's 120 words and the font accounts for over 6000 possible compound words

For example, if I wanted to write my surname, "bluelander", I could type "jan pi ma laso" and it converts it to the top four glyphs. But if I want to make a signature for myself, I type jan pi+ma+laso [_ma_akesi_e]
The first part means "person of the blue land" and the part in the cartouche is "ma akesi e", a phonetic representation of "matt" in the toki pona syllabary (mae pronounced as two syllables, like "mah-eh"). So cool!

toki pona 

First shot at drawing the rules for Ijo Ala O

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Okay, earliest reference I can find to this terminology is a 1972 mainframe game called "bagels" (or, um, "bagles".) The fact that these terms spread at all is probably thanks to the game's inclusion in a 1975 book called "100 Basic Games".

"Bagel" definitely predates "zilch", and "pico" and "fermi" are definitely the standard spellings. The alternate versions I remember are either a corruption in my memory or a difference that teacher introduced. I find either option unlikely, considering a church on the opposite side of the country from me had kids play a game with a name that exactly matches the corrupted version I remember. Maybe that teacher moved to California and became a pastor.

What's still unclear is why those terms were chosen in the first place, and why it's not more widely known as a pencil-and-paper game. It's a better pastime than tic-tac-toe or hangman

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You know the game mastermind, where you have the four colored pegs and the other player is trying to guess the combination? I learned to play it as a pencil and paper game that uses numbers called "pecos foamy zilch". "Pecos" refers to a correct number in the correct position, "foamy" refers to a correct number in the wrong position, "zilch" refers to a number that doesn't appear in the combination at all. The origin of "zilch" is obvious, but I have no idea what "pecos" or "foamy" refer to, or even if that's how they're spelled. I've never heard anyone else refer to the game this way, and searching for that phrase has exactly one result, in which it appears to refer to a different game facebook.com/redhilllutheran/p

Anyone who splits up audiobooks this way should go to jail

Antennapod shows you "suggestions from itunes" every time you want to search for or add a new podcast, and there's no way to disable it, but you CAN change the country for which it fetches recommendations

Not a lot of people listening to podcasts in Vatican City :blobcat:

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