Saw this sweet set of knobs at the thrift store. I bet whatever equipment these go with is pretty sweet. A fancy multimeter? Some sort of audio gear? The case says Montgomery Ward on it, but that was just the name of a department store, so it could have been anything. The grey one is made of metal, so you know that one was for a special function. I bet you turn that knob for the grand finale, when you really want to wow the people there to see whatever it is you're doing

Reason the fahrenheit scale is better: "it's nice 😎 outside"

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Finally, a lemmings game with a slow, tedious tutorial. Because dropping you into a level called "just dig" where all you have is diggers is too hard to figure out. Really need my hand held for this one.

Most of the documentaries on curiosity stream have a certain fraudulent quality to them

They feel like some rando just wrote a script, signed up for a royalty-free stock footage account, paid some struggling voice actor non-union wages to recite it, and called it good. The cheapest, quickest turnaround possible.

Like what the hell is this, "Our Genes Under Influence"? That's not a phrase. Do you mean "under *the* influence?" Everything about this cover screams "scam"

If I was actually interested in making music, I would have figured out how to do it with the tools I already have, and I haven't, so this is another "buying something will make me want to do something" fallacy.

Maybe I'll follow their quick start guide and see if I can make anything click without having to spend money. I wonder if there's a way to use a USB keyboard as a midi controller.

There's a 16-button version of this for a not totally outrageous price. $219, approximately in the range of a good-quality arcade stick. You can swap between 4 different presets, so you have access to the same number of samples as the big one, you can just use a quarter of them at the same time.

I know this would be a terrible way to try to learn how to make music, but it's tempting. Getting good at this would feel so satisfying. Wish I could justify dropping that kind of money on a toy.

Hey Jason, I really like your Doogie Howser M.D. costume

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I wish I could subscribe to my local newspaper, but they continue to do this bullshit

A boo is the spirit of a shyguy who lost its mask. That's why they have to hide their face. The mask is the fetter tethering their spirit to this world: If they ever find their mask, they can finally pass on to their eternal rest.

I don't know what's going on with boo guys. They must have some darker demons to contend with.

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Speak would eventually serve as the inspiration for popular cartoonsman Bob Belcher

Only 90s kids will remember thinking capybaras look like this for most of their lives

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