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This conversation is making me transform into a giant anthropomorphic train and emit an ear-piercing steam-powered shriek like in Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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I always forget that "Turtles" was the only word in the logo that appears in the big font. No wonder these always look weird when I do them.

No no no, don't push the capital A button, push the *lowercase* capital A button!

Are you constantly struggling to decide whether you should explore the panther dungeon or the snake dungeon? What if you didn't have to choose?

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This is the second product that shows up when I search for "Playstation Classic" on Amazon. It's "prime" eligible! Amazon gave this their stamp of approval and will make sure you get it as quickly as possible

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Sorry for the blurry photo, but if you were wondering how it works, the cap has these extra threads on the outside, and if you flip it over it'll snugly fit into the inside of the bottle. Looks a little goofy, but it works

Ah, there we go. DKJ is a much higher-scoring game on the NES because there are 4 levels per loop instead of 3. Strange that they continued to leave the cement factory out even as late as 1988 when this version came out. Hard to imagine it was a technical limitation.

I dunno, this seems like a respectable Donkey Kong score for my first time playing in awhile. Three full loops. Couldn't get the timing right on the weird spring enemy at this speed.

I had this version of the game (Donkey Kong Classics) on the NES when I was a kid and it never would have occurred to me to keep playing after I finished a second loop and realized that's all there was going to be. I saw the ending, what would be the point? Now I can appreciate the score attack angle.

In Donkey Kong for the Apple II, you can see a rare non-mustachioed Mario, or "Mustacharion't"

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