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My mount in Eden Eternal is an intricate lattice egg carriage with a little tea set inside, pulled along by a magical floofy borb named peepers

Hey apps, don't assign value judgments to my star ratings. I have a whole review policy for that. Please see the FAQ on my website.

Oh, you play grand strategy games about 11th century Norman conquerors? I'm into historical games too

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Ah yes, my favorite Dreamcast game, Nights into Dreams

Hey, we got an original Jackson Pollock for the office, possibly. No one can prove it's not

Some of the parallels are interesting, though - the "d-disc" looks like a compromise between the two analog sticks on the Duke, with the divot and the four lines. Same button colors. It's like the artist was told "make a generic controller icon", they had never played a video game before, so they googled "microsoft controller" and made a design loosely based on that.

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