Words that rhyme with "disk" are pretty slim pickings once you get into more than one syllable

Bless their hearts for trying though

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Our thrift stores aren't very exciting, so every now and then I like to browse gearbest to get my fix of weird random junk that could totally be mine if I were willing to part with eight or nine dollars

I rarely buy anything, but I'm often tempted

Look at this object! It's a light bulb with a fun tropical diorama that you fill with water, plug into a USB port, and it lights up and sprays the water into the air, I guess?

If that doesn't have "perfect stocking stuffer" written all over it I dunno what does

Now see there, *that's* a damn fine squircle

If only it were a squirtle squircle...

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Replaying Omegaland. Just one year later, and now I get this joke. I've learned so much.

Happy first day of Karneval, everyone

Start gathering your lanterns and preparing your masks, we must be ready to scare off the winter by Fasnacht


I saw a post that said "New gameplay for Red Dead Redemption 2", and for a sec I thought they meant that Rockstar released a patch that replaces all the gameplay with different gameplay

The story and all the cutscenes are the same, but they replaced everything you do with cowboy-themed rhythm minigames, it's weird

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The last few Polysics albums have been a journey of discovery

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