matt 🏴

1996: do you have email?
1997: do you have icq?
1998: do you have paltalk?
1999: do you have aim?
2000: do you have msn messenger?
2001: do you have yahoo messenger?
2003: do you have skype?
2004: do you have myspace?
2005: do you have facebook?
2007: do you have twitter?
2008: do you have instagram?
2010: do you have kik?
2011: do you have google talk?
2012: do you have facebook? (again)
2015: do you have discord?
2020: do you have email?
2025: do you have a telephone?
2030: do you have any water?

@matt you forgot snapchat (2016) and mastodon (2017)

@matt Kinda hope this never gets to that point! (The water one, I don't mind going back to email (as long as it's encrypted 😂))

@matt nice list. What year do you think we'll be asking if you have any refined petrol?

@pdub @matt @LottieVixen
1996-2030: get on irc lol
2016-2030: get on matrix lol
2030-????: just join the global telepathy network lol

@matt "no but you can find me idling on freenode usually"

@matt Canadians are fortunate to have a lot of fresh water. Nothing could possibly go wrong if the western U.S. continues to have multi-year droughts.

@matt lol, I've never heard anyone ask for google talk

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