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I'm having a good time with these battleship puzzles. I've managed to figure out whatever wasn't clicking for me the last time, at least so far with the "easy" puzzles. It's not as satisfying to finish one as picross, but it has the advantage of being playable on a phone without panning or zooming; 10x10 is as big as they get. No ads, only IAP is more puzzles

battleship puzzles 

These medium puzzles are harder than any sudoku or picross I've ever played. You can't just logic your way through them, you actually have to use inductive reasoning. At first I hated them, because I was pretty much just guessing, checking to see if there were errors, and if there were, undoing my guess and trying something else. It felt like I could only solve them through brute force. But the more I try, the better I feel I'm becoming at making good guesses. It's pretty satisfying when I can get one without help

battleship puzzles 

@matt so I've been playing this too now and so far have been able to go back and solve the ones I've had to skip, on level #30 of easy. I still occasionally have to overcome my picross solving logic

Thanks for sharing it

battleship puzzles 

@68km no prob, glad you're enjoying it!

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