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I wonder if korobeiniki (the tetris song) got a popularity boost in Japan because it's a word that happens to be phonetically valid in Japanese. It's totally possible. I'm trying to think of analogous situations in English. It's quite likely that Clair de Lune is better-known by English speakers than Gymnopédie No.1 because it's just easier to say

While researching korobeiniki I discovered this startling fact

@matt When I was making a tetrislike I went down a rabbithole of pro and amateur tetris remixes/covers as placeholder music..... This one's a bit of a stretch but it made the game wild

@matt good! 😬 it's a dangerous game sending music links to someone I just followed

@touk I have my favorite mashup in my profile so everyone knows I'm into some straight up clown trash, it'll take a lot to scare me off :blobcatrainbow:

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