Lot of 50 used blank (i.e. recorded on) cassette tapes on ebay for $40. It almost seems like it would be worth it just to see what's on them, like a treasure hunt; especially since the ones with visible labels have exciting titles like "hammered dulcimer" and "sunrise balloon adventure"

Except these are almost certainly Church tapes. That's the only place tapes would've been used as recently as 2013, they're shipped from Tennessee, and "sunrise" is spelled "son rise", which has to be a Jesus thing. Oh well. Hammered Dulcimer music is pretty, at least. I've heard them played, I'm sure, but I didn't know that's what they're called youtube.com/watch?v=PMPFaKpF1S


Here's another lot of 50 for $35, shipped. The listing says they're all recorded on, but they're all completely unlabeled. Nothing on the tapes themselves or the J-card, not even a date. Who does that?!

Probably also a church. I have all these lofty fantasies of buying a bunch of random tapes and discovering weird old local radio shows and cool music I was previously unaware of, but probably every single one of these is nothing but church tapes


@matt I have the exact same compulsion. 90% of the unlabeled tapes I find are 80's music dubs, but I have found one ancient radio news program, and a few self recorded oddities.

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