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I'm having a good time with these battleship puzzles. I've managed to figure out whatever wasn't clicking for me the last time, at least so far with the "easy" puzzles. It's not as satisfying to finish one as picross, but it has the advantage of being playable on a phone without panning or zooming; 10x10 is as big as they get. No ads, only IAP is more puzzles

@matt I really love Conceptis, they have the most consistent and simple interface design among purveyors of "grid puzzles," for lack of a better term (sudoku, nonograms, kakuro, etc). I found that if I drop a couple bucks on a pack of puzzles, by the time I reach the end of it I can reset them and work back through it without remembering anything. Recommend checking out the rest of their catalog if you haven't yet

@robotcarsley I haven't, I'll give it a look, thanks!

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