Of all the moblins from all the different Zelda games they could have gone with, this is the one the wiki shows you by default

@matt to the citizens of post-saved-by-link hyrule, these are essentially cryptids, known only from stories and rare sightings

@matt Probably because it's the most recent sighting, which still isn't a good reason.

I do have to wonder what the heck is going on with the aardvark/anteater look in BotW. Not that the species was that consistent before either (sometimes looking like a bulldog, sometimes looking like a boar), but, jeeze.

@fluffy I think it's because it's the first Zelda game where stealth plays a big part, they wanted to accentuate the cute sniffing animation when they're trying to find you. Makes sense to give them a big ol' honker

@fluffy (well, first one where it plays a big part outside of scripted stealth sequences, anyway. Emergent stealth)

@matt also I always felt like they were underused in Ocarina and were basically sentry turrets.

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