Learned that one of the values you can use with "font-family" is "cursive". Whatever font this gives you on android looks as you'd expect, but firefox and/or linux interprets this as... comic sans?? :sa_confused:

@matt this is on my website homepage. i wanted the comic sans actually, but some browsers just make my website fancy cursive for no reason


@xyzzy Ah yeah, I get comic sans on my computer but cursive on my phone

Your CSS has {font-family:"Comic Sans MS", Comic Sans, Cursive;} it's falling back to cursive because it doesn't have comic sans. I don't know how to find out what fonts android uses, but changing it from cursive to "casual" might get you better results

@matt tysm i’ll try it! “cursive” was suggested as the fallback when i was looking up css font resources years ago when i made this page but i probably should just use something else bc i’m not here for my website looking like a wedding invitation

@matt also i just realized this means you looked at my absurdly jank webpage source lmao i am so sorry

@xyzzy Haha I promise it's no worse than mine, my CSS is always a disaster

@matt i feel like i never actually learned css, i just find code bits on the internet, smash them together, and pray,

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