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I wonder if the "In God We Trust" tape left the write-protect notches in, or if people had to scotch tape over it to record on side B

It'd be rad if they only removed the tab from Side A before selling it, but I doubt they'd have gone to the effort

I can't find any photos that include the notches :(

@matt I have a feeling that cassette shells intended for pre-recorded tapes never had tabs to start with - the write protect notches were already open (they weren't recorded on anyway on a cassette machine but filled up with prerecorded lengths of bulk tape from a duplicator)

@vfrmedia Yeah, I phrased it badly. I wonder if they used standard commercial shells, or used shells normally intended for home taping. I expect it's the former. I'm not sure how big the run was, but probably too big for them to engage in any production weirdness

@matt looks like a standard commercial run (I suspect paying someone to remove a single tab from thousands of cassettes would have pushed the production price up too much..)

@vfrmedia I dunno, with a message like that I half-expected it to be a few dozen copies put together in someone's garage. I'd think a label with the capital to produce thousands of tapes would be too corporate to allow one of their bands to do that

@matt they were on an indie label run by one of the band members (which still exists today, though they lost the rights to the Dead Kennedys music in a lawsuit in 2000s) who have always made political statements (the tape duplicating company wouldn't care what was on the labels provided they got paid)

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