I wrote a long thing about my attempts to steal more data from my mobile provider. None of them really panned out, but I had fun and learned some interesting things along the way bluelander.bearblog.dev/mobile

I wonder if you aren't behind a gate/proxy/router/stuff wich explicitly allows you to go to their website and Google, blocking anything else, even in an iframe.
Also, maybe what you saw using the help trick was the cache of your browser?

I remember there were a service in the '90 allowing you to get a web page asked with a formatted email. Maybe such service might be implemented for MMS?

@Yop Thanks! I don't believe it was a cache, because I never would've accessed google drive in a browser window on my phone, I've always used the app

I thought about a more general web➡️SMS thing, but figured these days most sites are loaded down with so much junk that just getting a clean emailable version can be a challenge. I figure wikipedia's one site you can always count on if you want some plain text

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