Never mind, I used a web service to convert it to webp

Imgur *still* wouldn't accept it, but now I can host it on neocities. Not sure what imgur's beef with good file formats is

This is one of the reasons it sucks that "gif" has come to mean "any moving image on a computer"

With gif classic, you could slap it on any website you want. It's just another image format, there's nothing stopping you from using it anywhere you can use a jpg

"Gifs" are much more efficient, a huge improvement over 90s gifs, but since they're actually video files it's a hassle to use them in your own html. They're much more platform-dependent. I wish we had a modern moving image standard everyone could agree is the right one

@matt APNG has support on all modern browsers, IIRC. It's an extension of PNG and easy to piggyback the handling, so browsers just sort of did, but it will fail back to standard PNG for the first frame if it can't animate, and uses the .png extension.

Bonus: it's smaller than animated WEBP when transparency gets involved.

No format is perfect, but APNG is certainly good for the things you generally want it for.

@bluestarultor I used the same site ( to convert it to aPNG, and the result is 1.7MB even after crunching it down from 50 to 10fps. Do you know if there's a site that does it better?

@matt OOF! No, I use with a plugin for art I already have in layers, but I'll boost for visibility.

@matt Alternatively, Format Factory may be able to do it. Been a while since I've used it, but it's free and generally has broad support with granular options.

@bluestarultor Ah. Well, I'm on a phone, so I'll stick with the webp for now

@matt Entirely fair. If it's not using alpha, it's going to be the smaller format anyway. I don't recall whether pure on/off transparency counts as "alpha" for the format - I think it may use a similar chroma key trick as GIF does for that for smaller size in that use case.

@bluestarultor I think the emphasis on alpha transparency is a little myopic, because what most people want out of animated images is the ability to post short clips from videos, and those may not have a stable enough background for alpha/chroma key tricks to be useful at all.

If you're an artist crafting an animated image specifically to be posted online, aPNG is probably the best format, but that's a niche use case. Most people just want short video clips

What I'd like is an easy drop-in replacement for animated gifs of old, but using modern video compression techniques. Which we have, it's AVIF, but I'm worried that mp4 is so entrenched as The Way It's Done that AVIF will never get the steam it needs to become the new norm

@bluestarultor well, that was supposed to be a video, but I guess subway tooter doesn't properly accept media from the android gif keyboard. Case in point, lol. We need better standards so apps can talk to each other

@matt APNG predates WEBP and was intended to be an upgrade to GIF in all its purposes. Strictly speaking, it is smaller than WEBP in other potential use cases, such as animations where there are large color fields, and generally speaking, the file sizes between the two aren't radically different even with something like your post (no idea what that site is using, TBH). APNG will actually load faster, but WEBP will use less data despite resulting in more processing. It's trade-offs.

@matt Strictly speaking, WEBM is better than either of them for a panda pic like that, though.

@bluestarultor I don't know what point you're debating, so I don't have a response. Here's the point I made in case you missed it though

@matt Sorry. I probably misunderstood something, but I don't think I'm helping by continuing regardless, so I think I'll just leave well enough alone. 😅

@matt I’d say “because safari still doesn’t support it for some reason” but that hasn’t been true since 2020

@cinebox the weird part is, imgur didn't say "file type not supported" like it did with the mp4, it let me upload it, but then where the image would be it said "not a valid image" or something. I wonder if corrupted it somehow during the conversion, but it seems to work everywhere else

I think the problem is just that imgur has always been kinda shit

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