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pointless clock nostalgia 

Huh, Fran Blanche took apart this alarm clock on her youtube channel and I had exactly the same one as a kid. I think the Spartus logo was a little smaller, but otherwise it's identical. We bought it at a yard sale for a buck and I used it for years and years

I don't remember it being nearly as dim as she's saying it is; she says it's showing up well on camera but it's almost impossible to see in person. I figure it's because she's looking at it under stark studio lights, cause on the brighter setting under normal household lighting I could see it during the day just fine. It has a dimmer switch in case it's too bright at night, which was thoughtful of them

I don't miss the sound the alarm made (very shrill buzzer) but I do miss being able to see what time it is at night without having to look at my phone. If only there was still a way to do that; these secrets have been lost to us

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