Centaur alignment chart where the top left is a traditional horse centaur, "true neutral" is a sphinx, and the bottom right is Banjo-Kazooie

I was going to make this but I can't think of an elegant way to phrase the categories

(apologies for wide image)

@matt @dartigen What is an ophanim in this context? I’m not familiar with, like, a “canonical” shape for them.

@benhamill I dunno exactly, just a big circular mass of wings and eyes. There might be a better example for that slot, still workshopping it

@matt Had time to do a little research. I was thinking if the lilim with different shapes. Onaphim are the wheels described in Ezekiel. The other figures with the four wings and four faces are, I think, chrubim:

@matt Which I mention because the cherubim so described sound like good candidates for your chart as well.

@benhamill Oh yeah you're right, that's much better. Thanks!

@matt urgh I hate this, but I cannot fault it

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