hey remember all that time I've spent arguing that large tech companies use "open source" software and services to further their own monopolies? this is from the antitrust complaint against Facebook alleging they do exactly that

@walruslifestyle see also: Google progressively shuttering features out of Android's open source tree and re-doing them as proprietary stuff as part of Google Play Services or whatnot, to make it harder for not just Android users but also device manufacturers to escape lock-in

Ars called this in 2013: arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/0


@outie This article should be the stock response to anyone cautiously optimistic about google's new "open-source OS"

@matt @outie I think one reason people continually fall for these traps is that they look just different enough each time. Facebook had "open" APIs that seemed like a whole app ecosystem, then closed em / turned them totally predatory. Twitter had "open" APIs that let people access their data set, then closed them to consolidate a changing understand of their core business. Fuchsia seeeeems like it's MIT+Apache+BSD but it's unclear where and how big the doors into that lobster trap are.

@lwriemen @matt @outie actually, when we're talking about large projects and huge companies, I find this is mostly not the biggest problem

they tend to move away from legal difficulties more than they try to win legal wars

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