You ever notice that Harley Quinn and Rosie the Robot are both known for saying "Mister J" with a Brooklyn accent

What's the deal with that

@matt given the way cartoons were back then there was probably some sitcom character that did that

@Runner Yeah, but Harley Quinn is a relatively recent character, her first comic appearance was 1993. It seems more likely to be an intentional Jetsons homage, but why?

@matt apparently rosie was based on a sitcom called Hazel and harley was based on a dream sequence from arleen sorkin's previous soap opera, i can't find anything connecting the two

@Runner I'd have to see the dream sequence to say with confidence, but I bet a writer on that episode of the soap opera was inspired by Hazel. A soap opera writer in the 90s seems more likely to be familiar with a sitcom from the 60s than anyone working on a modern animated Batman show

@Runner Oh, I didn't realize it was a clown-related dream. Huh.

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