@matt I've seen that installer a thousand times hecking with old Windows games and I STILL DO NOT KNOW.

@matt left: current folder progress

middle: current disc progress

right: free space on target drive

@matt @ky0ko like, I get the visual metaphor of the frog eating the fly to represent the transfer of data into folders

@matt i cant answer that without knowing the specific software being installed

like, is this the installer for frogger? cuz that'd make sense then

@ky0ko Nope it has nothing to do with flies or frogs. This is an installation wizard used by a bunch of programs in the Windows 98 era. It's like Wise or Installshield

@matt those frogs are definitely not present in most of those installers that i have used

@matt the pictured installer is definitely an installshield installer

also, the frogger 2 installshield installer does not have those frogs (i just launched my win95 vm to check)

@ky0ko Sorry, I meant the thing with the frogs is from a different installer wizard used by multiple programs in that era. Its design language is clearly inspired by installshield but I don't know who made it or what it's called.

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