Welp, just cancelled PIA. Any other VPN recommendations?

@matt what are you using the vpn for? if it's just to hide traffic when using open wifi and stuff like that, the best option for technical folks is usually to rent a vps and run wireguard or openvpn on it :/

@matt hmm. so are you working around your isp's disdain for network neutrality, or their love of working with law enforcement to track down copyright violators?

vps is still an option in the first case, although most hosting providers won't do any more to hide who you are than your regular isp.

neither will most vpn providers, fwiw, but at least traffic from multiple users per ip makes it more work to track down.

@kepstin Well, it's not a law enforcement thing so much, it's just sometimes when I torrent stuff, some lawyer's office reports it to my ISP, and my internet gets disabled until I call them and promise not to torrent anymore. That doesn't happen with a VPN. I know it won't protect me if an actual LEA issues a subpoena or whatever, but I doubt the corps will go that far.

I'm not sure what the benefits of a VPS would be, is it cheaper? I'm looking into mulvad which is 5 euro a month

@matt if the point was protecting your traffic over untrusted local networks (bad wifi), running a vpn endpoint you control works great. For other use cases, not as much, because it's pretty obvious that any traffic coming from your vps is your traffic.

I'd suggest you go with a vpn provider, but that you *only* use it for torrent traffic, and just use your normal isp directly for other traffic to reduce issues with compromised vpns.

@matt (that said, doing this would require either switching on/off the vpn when you start/stop using torrents, or doing torrents on a separate pc - either it's kinda inconvenient or requires more hardware.)

@kepstin Yeah, VPNing is too slow for general internet use anyway, I only turn it on specifically when I'm torrenting something and asleep or not at home. Don't generally use any other wifi networks or anything so no worries there

@matt honestly, with your use case I wouldn't even worry much about the PIA thing, they'd be fine to stick with. Their new ownership has no more reason to care about what you're using it for than their old ownership, and if you don't use it for general browsing then they're not gonna get much from tracking you.

@kepstin Well, it's more about trying not to support shitty people than worrying that they're going to do something to me specifically. (plus mullvad will end up being a couple dollars cheaper anyway)

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