The video for "never going to give you up" should be designated a culturally and historically important piece of media and preserved by the library of congress at a permanent but inconspicuous URL


Having used adblockers for a decade, it's easy to forget that it's no longer possible to rickroll someone. Assuming that the URL isn't parsed by whatever virtual machine you're pasting it into and the title given away before they even click it, unless you know the person you're rickrolling is also using an adblocker (increasingly unlikely as more people shift to proprietary apps), they won't hear "never gonna give you up", they'll hear an ad. They'll see the video title and close the window. Kind of sad.

@matt I think @sophia would disagree. They are a master when it comes to rickrolls.

@trechnex @sophia Well people will always be able to edit part of a rickroll into a different video and post it on fedi, or use a different host, etc. But the traditional rickroll where you just give someone a youtube link and tell them it's something else was easy and accessible to everyone, that's how it got so big. Dedicated people can still find a way, but the youtube monetization killed its potential as a widespread meme

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