Google, who became the most powerful corporation in the world by selling web ads: Hey in the future every computer program should actually be a website. Don't worry about why, just do it. It'll be cool. We're the vanguard of technology or something

People: ok

People: hey why does this calendar i downloaded have ads in it

Google: Haha cool

@matt Also Google: To ensure that's feasable we'll build our own browser with our own JavaScript engine!

Other browsers ofcourse followed suit, but landed with different balances in their JS optimizations.

@matt And one more time: interrupting me using your product to tell me about another product IS advertising. Interrupting me using one feature to suggest I try a different one is advertising.

Imagine if your car had "tool tips" on the dash board, catering to the lowest common denominator: "Did you know... Many areas have posted speed limits? You can use your Toyota[tm] Speed-o-meter[tm] to see if you're following the rules of the road, and reduce your speeding ticket expenses!"

@unlofl @matt The infotainment centers on some cars are very close to this, right now.

@mcg @unlofl @matt Related: The newer car my family has beeps when you exceed the speed limit. Apparently the GPS map has that data.

@alexbuzzbee @mcg @unlofl @matt
Tangentially Related:

My family still has a Toyota van from 2004 with a really early version of built-in GPS in the infotainment touchscreen. At the time we got it, I remember thinking it was the coolest thing in the world! No more paper maps!

There's a DVD reader under the passenger seat that's used to update the navigational software. We never actually updated it though, since the very first update broke a bunch of stuff and costed like $400.

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