I've never understood "we make open source software, but separately from that, we also run a business in which we provide paid support for that software"

It seems like that would incentivize them to develop the software in a way that maximizes the number of support customers

@matt and for many such orgs it DOES. Puppet, Red Hat, Hashicorp... they all have different flavors of "This is FREE but it's deliberately a pain/impossible to do certain things... unless you buy this other thing we offer"

@Trysdyn Yeah exactly, it seems super at odds with the FOSS philosophy. Why even make it open source at that point? Just for the brownie points? Is it a strategic business move, the idea being that the first hit is free, and once they're in the ecosystem they're more likely to pay? I'd never use software with such a blatant conflict of interest

@matt see also why Blender's UI is so terrible (so they can sell the user manual and access to the tutorials)

@matt This explains every interaction I've had with WordPress

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