Anybody around here ever heard of / played Changeling: The Dreaming (the TTRPG from White Wolf)?

@lmorchard I have! I haven't had many chances to actually play it, but conceptually it's my favorite White Wolf RPG

@matt Yeah, it was my favorite and kind of hit me in a good spot when I was in college


@lmorchard Me too, except in high school. It was rough, because most of my friends into TTRPGs were strict D&Dists with no interest in modern fantasy, and my friends who *were* into White Wolf leaned towards the grittier Werewolf/Vampire/Wraith side, very dark and tragic and lacking in whimsy. I was able to convince them to try Changeling a couple times but I don't think they were ever really into it.

@matt I have super fond memories of one time in college when I convinced the folks running a Vampire LARP to let me and a couple others sneak in as a Changeling using some kind of anti-banality amulet.

Whoopie cushions and blood replaced with tomato juice wrecking a whole night of political intrigue.

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