Playing Apex Legend kinda just makes me want to play Quake 2 again instead

Which is also true of every other multiplayer shooter since Quake 2

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@matt I've always wanted to explore Doom and the wad scene but I'm pretty terrible at Doom.

I had a Quake 1-3 phase as a kid (bought a boxset of all 3 at Best Buy when id was pushing that) and definitely spent more time exploring and downloading mods than I did playing. (I could add I've never liked fps mouse controls)

@The_T Doom modding is rad. I've been meaning to check out more wads, I've played a few but I've barely scratched the surface. I feel you about the mouse FPS controls, it took me forever to get used to them. Have you tried playing Doom with just a keyboard? That's how it was originally meant to be played, and as long as you use a source port that retains the vertical auto-aiming, it's quite playable that way.

@matt I actually prefer Doom with a controller. Unauthentic as fuck but hey the XBLA port does it that way.

@The_T Nothing wrong with that! I've been leaning a lot more towards gamepad controls recently too. Screw authenticity, games are meant to be enjoyed

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@Canageek Well, Q3 is just a more polished version of the Q2 multiplayer with better online support, gameplay-wise I consider them basically the same thing. The equivalent I play these days is Quake Live. They're all built from the same DNA.

@matt Ah, closest thing I've played to any of them is Xonotic

@matt Too bad you didn't know about it a few years ago. The severs where full then, dozens of games at any one time, now its like, two.

@Canageek @matt Ughh yah xonotic seems to be the most fun quake like game. Quake live isn't very populated either though... :(

Diabotical seems to be the next quake like game to be coming out, but I dunno. Its hard to see the arena fps genre getting revived.

Although the part I like about quake multiplayer has nothing to do with the duel gameplay or anything, I just want those movement mechanics and non-hitscan weapons :P

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @Canageek No one will make a BR game that feels as good to play as Quake, because they all have to support consoles too, and you just can't map a Quake-style shooter to a controller :/ It's a real shame. I wish I could get into some of these games but none of them feel good with keyboard and mouse.

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