Unpopular gaming opinion: Puggsy is a wonderful puzzle platformer that more people should play, and the Sega CD version is the best way to experience it

Unpopular gaming opinion: Keylugger by Leon Arnott is a charming little puzzle game with a neat mechanic, which takes 10-30 minutes to finish and is free.

(see what I'm doing here)

UGO: as long as it's a single-player game where you're not messing up anyone's experience, people should use whatever cheat codes or easy mods they want. Every game should have an invincibility mode you can toggle on or off at any time.

I'm replaying Mario 3D Land and I'm using the invincibility suit whenever I die enough for them to offer it to me, and let me tell you: it's great.

@matt Puggsy is amazing and really well executed. It's just incredibly hard and the fact that there was nothing like it in its time didn't do it favors.

@Trysdyn Heck, there's still nothing else like it. Makes me sad that TT is stuck in Lego game limbo. I wonder what other weird unique stuff they could be making. (apparently the recent Lego open-world game has a Puggsy reference, you can find the crashed ship somewhere in it. Made me smile that people still remember Puggsy but it's bittersweet.)

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