I have no problem buying games places other than Steam. I think this kind of competition is good, it prevents Valve from getting too big and abusing their power. However, what I'm *not* interested in is buying into another DRM scheme. I'll buy games on itch, gog and humble all day long, especially if it means the developer gets a bigger cut. But it's bad enough that I already have to run one DRM authenticator, I'm sure as heck not installing EA or Epic or Bethesda-brand DRM.

Or Twitch or Ubisoft or Discord or Blizzard or... holy crud, there are too many of these

Oh heck yeah.
If I get a notification that something on my Steam wishlist is on sale, I'll check the other stores too. I'd much rather buy from Humble and know what cut is going to devs/charity, especially because DRM-free.

I dread the day that Steam has enough of a monopoly to start throwing DRM on the stuff they sell.

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