"In 2015 I had to renew my license and thought it would be funny to do cat heads as my signature, so I did... This hasn't been a problem until today when I had to sign my mortgage papers. The signing agent looked at my ID and shook his head, he was not amused... So the dude has to call the title company headquarters and explain the situation all while my real estate agent is laughing her ass off. I had to sign 3 cat heads over 30 times today."


I'm kind of surprised the DMV let this happen.

@matt @rey When I got my license initially, the lady made me redo it and said, "no graffiti." It was just… my signature? But I changed it and now I have to pretend to sign like that sometimes. But here, title and mortgage stuff has to be signed with your middle initial. Which is super weird and defeats any pretense that signatures verify identity at all.

@benhamill My ID looks nothing like my real signature because I had to sign on a crappy wacom-style tablet that had like a full second of lag before appearing on the screen. I always assumed everyone knew the ID signature is just a formality. Thank goodness I'll never buy a house

@matt @benhamill
wait, are you saying that there isn't gonna be a graphologist who's gonna compare the signatures with regard to distances between letters, direction of strokes, and pressure on the paper, in case there's a disagreement on whether I signed something or not?

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