2008: The internet will revolutionize TV! No more $100 cable bills, no more paying for channels we never watch; soon we'll only have to pay for what we want!

2018: Here are 20 subscription services, each with 5% of what you want. Please subscribe to all of them for $300 a month.

@elomatreb @matt

Although for German language content I find very little need to resort to piracy, compared to UK (or even NL) so much is shared online by public broadcasters (even for download!) without geoblocking or requiring registration.

OK it is often a carefully curated selection to put across a positive image of Germany or the local region (especially anything from BR) but if taxpayers are funding a considerable part of the content I can accept that..

@vfrmedia @matt True, but outside of the (excellent) news and podcast programmes of the public broadcasters they don't really have any TV content I actually care about (i.e. most of what I pirate is US cinema/series stuff, which is esp. necessary in Germany because we are strangely obsessed with dubbed audio so you often can't get shows with the original audio track on streaming services, if they are available at all)

@elomatreb @matt I was briefly able to watch part of an episode of new DangerMouse on (the rights have expired so its been taken off streaming) and I noticed (to my amusement) DM and Penfold had been given what sounded like Bavarian accents (I didn't get to hear how Baron von Etzmolch sounded), which makes me wonder if there is a big dubbing studio around Munich (part of the existing film studios there?) and if there is some govt subsidy / encouragement to do this..

@vfrmedia No real government involvement, it's just that people have come to expect German audio in cinemas and on TV, the only regular non-German language content is the French-German arte station.

@elomatreb to be fair although there is a small amount of EU and domestic funding for Welsh and Gaelic programming, its equally unusual to see non English content in the UK.

I've even seen British regional dialects and Scottish English (not even broad Scots) subtitled!

@elomatreb @vfrmedia this goes to the point where Thief 3 released in English audio with German subtitles for the German market and caught enough criticism for that that they made a Big Thing of Deus Ex 2 being fully localised, print ads touting the fact that one of the VAs is also the guy who dubs Brad Pitt in movies and everything

I mean everyone is saying piracy, but that's because piracy was the actual media revolution and all the subscriptions are the huge concessions to labour governments make to stave off the revolution.

@Ashrand Piracy was and is an excellent tool to bring down corporate media - what I eventually discovered, and hopefully more people are discovering, is that we never needed them to begin with. The more they push back against piracy, the more torrent sites they shut down and unofficial streaming sites they kill, the more convinced I am that I'm better off without them anyway.

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@matt The free Roku channels are enough for us. Picked up the Roku at a thrift shop for $5.

@matt Please subscribe to my patreon for my repeatedly free groundbreaking service (making videos)!

@comrad Hm, I think that's a little unfair - individuals who ask for donations through Patreon are in a different category than the Netflix and Hulus of the world. For one, subscription is voluntary. Also, you (usually) know your money is only funding the one show you want to watch, which is a lot closer to the original vision of à la carte TV from 2008. I'll kick in $5 a month to support a person I like before I'd spend the same amount on a corporate media platform.

@matt of course it differs, but it is the same principle. Everyone is asking for $5, and in the end you are paying hundreds, because "it's just 5 dollars!"

@comrad Well yes, but it's not mandatory. I support art I like to the extent I can afford it (which isn't much), but I don't feel obligated to. There's nothing wrong with asking people to support their work.

@matt that’s what I mean, supporting a creator is one thing, but why in the world should I pay someone for watching him/her playing video games?

@comrad "Let's Play" videos are work that provides value to people. Some people show their appreciation for work that they value by offering donations. Watch them or don't, but don't shit on people who do it or the people who like it just because you, personally, don't get value from it.

@comrad @matt if you don’t watch it, and you don’t pay for it, and it’s not hurting anyone, why are you complaining about it?

@vector @matt yeah dumbing down everything. Soon someone will start a patron for breathing. There’s a German word called „Schöpfungshöhe“, which describes that a certain amount of work is needed before it has value. Playing games does not create „Schöpfungshöhe“. Certainly not comparable to an artists installation or painting or creating a book and such.

@comrad Would you say the work a radio show host does isn't worth anything? I mean, the person is just sitting there talking for three hours! I can talk for three hours straight, no problem! I do it for fun! And anyway, why would someone just sit around listening to someone talk instead of, oh I don't know, just going and talking to someone? They need to listen to a stranger to have pretend conversations with themselves? Oh please, get a life.

@comrad Popular video game streamers aren't just sitting there playing in silence - they're narrating what they're doing in the game, interacting with the audience, and sometimes talking about things completely unrelated to the game. It's much more like video game-themed talk radio. I'm often not even actively watching, I have it on in the background while I work. People aren't literally just sitting there watching silent gameplay footage for hours. Please get your head out of your ass.

@matt now you’re getting personal and I don’t condone to such toxic behavior

@comrad @matt Is there a German word for the fallacy that level of effort invested in the work and the value of the work are strictly correlated?

@matt My rent is 550CAD/mo which includes 150 megabit symmetrical internet, which usually runs much higher. I watch anything I want from hooktube, peertube or tpb.
If I could move 2 blocks over, then 250mbit (need 5 gig for that) up and down is available for free to anyone from multiple businesses.
I am a lucky duck :-)
It can't just be my town (Terrace, BC, Canada). It's the same in e.g. Vancouver, Victoria, Prince George??

@matt also you still need a $100 cable subscription on top of it to get the broadband internet so you can stream in the first place

@matt when we first signed up for our internet connection it was £25 a month

now, two years after the end of our fixed contract, it's crept up and up to over £60 a month, with no changes to the package, is due to creep up to £70 next time they hike the price, and because we're no longer new customers we can't get a better deal from them

@matt and because every ISP only sells bundles anymore dropping the phone and/or cable TV service from it would actually make it *more* expensive

@theoutrider In the US, at least my part of it, this is the one thing that's gradually improved. Broadband has been $60-$80 for as long as I can remember. They always have absurd bundle deals (Internet for $70, or internet + phone + cable for $75!) but it's never cheaper than just the internet by itself so I never felt the need to go for it. It gets a little faster every few years. They occasionally try some data cap/throttling BS but thankfully they always walk it back pretty quickly... at least so far.

@matt the standard DSL connection offered by the traditional Phone Company here had a 1GB/month traffic limit last I checked in like 2009

if you want decent broadband you're basically stuck with Sky or Virgin who basically only sell bundles with TV+phone, or if you want to mix+match your supply it gets absurdly expensive

@theoutrider That sucks :( The US stereotype is that all of Europe is a broadband wonderland, I didn't know things were so dire in the UK.

I might just be lucky that I live in a small state and thus have had a relatively small cable ISP since the early 2000s. If I were on Comcast or AT&T I'd probably have more horror stories.

@matt similarly Germany still mostly runs on DSL to this day, cable TV never really took off so the infrastructure just isn't there

@matt yeah my brothers in the US have basically only ever lived in Comcast or AT&T monopoly areas and they're getting gouged even more than we are here

@matt also the UK has a massive problem with broadband availability, there's been an ongoing saga for the past 10-15 years or so of governments making available token funds for "rural" broadband expansion which then just get blown on failed projects to get to the slightly-more-rural-but-nowhere-near-rural-Scotland areas

@matt because of course there's not much profit in setting up broadband infrastructure for an island off the coast of Scotland with a population of a few hundred people, and so the private companies that keep taking those development funds just spaff them on bullshit

@matt the European stereotype of the US is that that aspect of the situation at least is pretty similar, with local monopolies for either Comcast or AT&T all over the place

@matt this year is the first in a while that torrent activity has risen again, it was declining numerically AND proportionally for a while but this splintering if streaming services is pushing people right back to it lmao

@aflightybroad Surely the infallible hand of the free market will come down to set this economic injustice right, and balance will be restored

Or they could start filing million dollar lawsuits against pensioners like the RIAA did. That worked out real well for them.

@matt the politics of compromise with capitalism were ever thus

@matt when ppl keep buying into it, they'll keep ripping them off.

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