What if there was a law that said everything on TV has to appear exactly as big as it would be in real life? You could only watch shows about raccoons having tea, and I think that's beautiful

Your computer's transformer is located in the michael bay

Do you know why they call them serial ports? Because they're grrrrrreat!

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Downloaded a Winamp plugin from 2006 and it still works with the most recent version from 2018. Solid program :fire_surprised:

Just tanked a nethack run because instead of pressing e y (the key combination you press hundreds of times in a game to eat the corpse you're currently standing on - e to eat, y to confirm) my hand was accidentally one column of keys to the left, so I pressed w t (w to wield, and t corresponded to an item in my inventory that just happened to be a cursed crossbow) :angery:

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How do I have 21 notifications on twitch if I'm not even logged in. What are they notifying me of

To transfer data to and from your device, simply connect it via the included cable to one of the rectangular PCI (personal computer interface) ports

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i found an extension that's basically adblock but for those sponsorship segments in youtube videos


I would actually really like a laptop with a keyboard I can type on because it doesn't have a giant chin

I'd be using a wireless mouse, so the trackpad is of no concern to me

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If you feel down because your software has bugs that you haven’t gotten around to fix in forever or that you launched with a design that hasn’t been polished enough always remember that Acer shipped this


Get ready for procedurally generated grandmas. I am not at liberty to discuss the procedure at this time.

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