Exciting news, everyone: google plus is automatically being upgraded to currents for g suite users. Currents has an "update look and feel to google plus, and provides additional features for users and administrators". Holy shit




Messed around with the Mario 64 PC port. It's neat that it exists, but it's very faithful to the original, meaning it's still not exactly playable. Maybe now that this is a thing someone will make some sort of good controls mod

Was frantically looking for a USB-B cable so I could plug in my printer, and I thought I found one, but it was one of these things

USB 3.0 B connectors are different from USB 2.0 B connectors? You shittin me? I hate universal serial bus


Huh, Herman Hollerith's punch cards seem pretty dang important in computer history but I don't really hear people talk about him that much. I wonder what happened to him?

"Hollerith founded a company that was amalgamated with several other companies to form the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. In 1924, the company was renamed International Business Machines (IBM)"


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This is the Mp3 that my alarm chose to wake me up with tonight. Looping over and over. Pretty spooky djrozwell.bandcamp.com/track/n

Ah, my favorite Rare game: Snake, Battle 'n' Toad

Truly an epithet for all occasions. Who among us can't relate

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Boom boom boom boom, my friends were all exhumed. It's nothing super fancy, just basic necromancy

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