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Infogrames is short for "Informational and Great Games"

Oh I have a joke

How many prison bars does it take to hold Magneto?

None, cause they're made of metal!

I mean wait... all of them, but it doesn't do any good!

He has mutant magnetism powers

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How come all my money is on a computer chip but it's not like a circuit board that I click into a bus port as I say "Small change, chummer, slot this cred and I'm gone"

This isn't the future I signed up for

Why don't they just make the whole credit card out of the chip

It feels like every day I'm leaning about the existence of a new weird computer from before I was born that I'd never heard of

Here's a brochure for a cute little workstation from 1980 with a built-in thermal printer and teeny tiny CRT screen from a company you may have heard of called Hewlett-Packard

What a fascinating time to have been alive (if you were rich.) I wonder if we'll ever see another interesting piece of hardware in my lifetime.

Elon Musk? No, he really muskn't

Oops, I got complacent and forgot to charge my DS and lost like 3 days of Animal Crossing progress

Usually this signals the beginning of the end

Fire whoever called it Radiodread and not Reggaeohead

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The soundtrack for Jazz Jackrabbit contains very little jazz music

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I would never demand compensation from my friends and family of course. I've got their back, and I know they'll have mine when I need it.

But my employer should be glad that I'm representing them in a positive way and being a good member of my community. If y'all wanted to start a petition to correct this injustice and demand they take swift action & give me a promotion I'd appreciate it.

(lol jk I don't even get rewarded for doing good things at work)

If we can get fired for shit we do in our personal time how come we never get rewarded for doing good things?

I spent some time after work helping a friend move, but if I turn in my time sheet with two hours of overtime somehow *I'm* the criminal.

I cat-sat for my relatives for a week while they were on vacation. Where's my raise?

(yes I know it would just look like any other spreadsheet, I just think it'd be neat.)

FromSoft was founded in 1986, but they didn't release their first game until 1994. According to Wikipedia they originally made "productivity software."

Has anyone ever seen any of it? I'd really like to see what the Dark Souls of spreadsheets was like.

The color-coding on the Xbox 360 buttons is pretty smart. A is usually "accept" or "proceed", so it's green; B is usually "cancel" or "stop", so it's red; and Y is usually "open a menu" which slows you down, so it's yellow. A nice little extra subconscious cue.

Then for whatever reason they dropped the C and Z buttons from the Dreamcast controller. That whole thing was just a mess. Probably what caused their downfall tbh. A tragedy.