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I suppose I should post the image/list to make it easier for people to answer

I'm bad at memes

20 reading questions

List in text:

My responses:

Tagging anyone who feels like sharing, since we shouldn't need an excuse to talk about things we like

HOW DOES THIS CHICKEN SURVIVE??? it is an inspiration

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So tired of these stupid initiatives to teach young people or women β€˜how to be good with money’: MONEY IS ACTIVELY WITHHELD FROM US. IT DOESNT ARRIVE AT US. WE DONT HAVE ANY TO BE β€˜CAREFUL’ WITH. PAY THEM, FUCKOS or this is a WASTE OF TIME

I changed my default search in Chrome to Duck Duck Go and now I no longer have "search for this image" as an option when I right-click

Pretty fucking petty of you, Google

I like EB Games (eight bit games)

earlier today at work, i dropped my phone in water. recovery effort still in progress

a minute ago, since my usual morning alarm is now out of commission, i unboxed an actual alarm clock i recently got as a gift from my mom. it requires installing a mobile app and connecting to the alarm clock over bluetooth

the good news is that i have the receipt. the bad news is that i still don't have an alarm clock

Love that famous quote from Breaking Bad, "Come on Swear Teen, we need to make more drugs!" "Jiminy jillickers!"

TS is VB and fuck anyone who says otherwise

Love reading strong opinions about two-letter mystery acronyms which are impossible to search for

Hello society? Yeah hi, I have a problem, and I need resources to-- you don't? Only platitudes? Can you check? Sure, I'll hold... No, I don't think unsolicited advice is the same as resources. Well do you know where I could get... yeah, no, that's a platitude. Okay well, thanks anyway

Childish Gambino is my favorite Persona 4 enemy

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