The data seems to bear this out: a much higher distribution of wins among higher numbers

If I were in the royal rumble, my strategy would probably be to play very defensively if I was picked early, focus on dodging, be boring, try to bait the other participants into wearing themselves fighting each other. It's not flashy, but no one remembers the flashiest royal rumble participants, am I right?

It seems like the main trick to winning a royal rumble would be drawing a very high number and coming into the match late after everyone else has spent a lot of energy

In the mood for some Dokapon Kingdom. I wish it didn't require finding three other people who are okay committing to five hundred hours of utter bullshit

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The person who single-handedly localized Metal Gear Solid wrote about it, and it's fascinating. I agree with everything he says about literal translation vs. localization and I think his work is under-appreciated.

"I made a level where you negotiate with a goomba for 50 seconds. I used a track timer to make this and if you get impatient and violent toward the goomba, it becomes impossible to beat the level. You must sit in the chair for 50 seconds and negotiate a fair trade for the goomba’s fine 24K gold key."

I need to see a video of this

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Aw hell yeah, Rob Hubbard took the music from Commando and Rob Hubbard'd it the fuck up

Jesus. This, to me, is an unfathomable amount of expense and effort for the outcome of being able to play gameboy games on a TV

In a video on Technology Connections' second channel he addresses complaints people lodged about his analog-digital video conversion method and he wrapped it up by saying [paraphrasing] "stop trying to convince people that they shouldn't be happy", and dang is that a mood

It makes me a little sad that every husband/wife or bf/gf streaming duo I see is always the guy playing and the gal watching. If that's the setup she's comfortable with that's fine, but I just wonder how often the guy assumes he should be the one taking the active player role and doesn't even stop to question it. If I had an SO who was interested in streaming I'd suggest the opposite.

If anyone has information leading to the acquisition of the novel by David Bishop the 1984 Commodore 64 game "Zig-Zag" is supposedly based on, I can pay you a small but legitimate reward

The two names you can't give your baby boy in 2019 are "Elvis" and "Adolph", for basically opposite reasons

"I'm not happy about it" is a great all-purpose mild dismissive epithet because honestly, how many things is a person actually happy about rather than apathetic/neutral? Not many

"My only options are chocolate and vanilla? Well... okay, I'll take chocolate, but I'm not happy about it"

I know that in semaphore, the reason numerals don't just correspond to the position of hands on a clock is because it's too hard to discern anything smaller than a 45 degree angle from a distance, but I'm not happy about it

Kool thing, sittin' with a kitty
Now you know, you're sure lookin' pretty
You're so fine, they'll never see ya leavin' by the back door, ma'am

My favorite disc package design is the flexible plastic clamshell ones. It's like a suit of disc armor. The little rigid bump in the middle will absorb the impact of whatever is dropped on it. And the case itself is pretty much unbreakable.

Huh... according to an uncited observation on the Wikipedia article for "Optical Disc Packaging", CD jewel cases breaking with the tiniest application of force is a feature, not a bug. "When pressure is applied to the CD jewel case, the case will break first before the CD. If the case is made of thin cardboard, there is a greater chance that the CD would break or get damaged because the weight is directed onto it." Ok... and where does the weight go after the case breaks?? :thinkless:

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