*puts gloves on*
*uses phone*
What. What's going on. Something's broken. My fingers stopped working.

was on a stream with chelsea manning tonight. that sure happened. i mean i was one of like 6 people talking and we were all watching hbomb play dk64 but still, that sure is a thing that happened tonight

Shakespeare naming a bunch of his comedies after common idioms ("All's Well That Ends Well", "As You Like It", "Much Ado About Nothing", "What You Will") is exactly the same as modern sitcoms using goofy naming conventions for their episodes

This Beaver Bother minigame looks pretty good

Man, I wish I was as interested in *anything* in high school as I am now

If someone asked me to write an essay on a topic of my choosing I'd be like "LISTEN: Have you ever heard of half a button press? Let me tell you a tale, friend. In this essay I..."

Oh, Warcraft is in 4K now? Big deal. Just another thing Blizzard stole from Games Workshop but did worse. Warhammer had 10 times that many Ks back in the 80s.

Only 90s kids remember "Eureka's Castle". Only really desperate, lonely and bored 90s kids and Canadian 80s kids remember "Sharon, Lois and Bram's Elephant Show"

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Anyway, the realization that I could easily record live streams with VLC reminded me of *when I was 22*, after broadband but before smart phones took off, I'd use a Winamp plugin called Streamripper to record shoutcast stations all night while I slept, and then have a full day's worth of random new music to listen to on my mp3 player the next day. Good times.

I almost just started a statement about something that happened when I was like 22 with "when I was a kid", jesus christ

I wish I could do a long marathon stream for charity

Except I'd get 2 viewers and raise about $1.50

And I'd probably get tired and want to quit after 4 hours

Basically I just want to be able to say I did a thing

The Doobie brothers, Wilbur and Orville Doobie, are best known for inventing the first primitive roflcopter

Dublin? Yeah, I've been there. Let me tell ya, it's no Tripoli.

I think of vowels as round and consonants as angular, even though 3 out of the 5 (or sometimes 4 out of the 6) vowels have angular capital letters.

Of course statistically, most upper-case letters are angular and most lower-case letters are curved. Does that mean I think of vowels as upper case and consonants as lower-case, in general? Probably, vowels are more important.

Also vowels are girls and consonants are boys.

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Whoa, I forgot I can paste a youtube URL into VLC on PC and it'll just work. I can just click a button to take a snapshot or record a local copy. This rules. Best way to experience youtube, IMO.

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Dang the Stylophone R8 sounds incredible. I'd love to play around with one but I could never justify spending that much without actual music-making ability youtube.com/watch?v=SZWKCDyTwC

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