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Boom boom boom boom, my friends were all exhumed. It's nothing super fancy, just basic necromancy

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I wrote a long thing about my attempts to steal more data from my mobile provider. None of them really panned out, but I had fun and learned some interesting things along the way


I was in some sort of book trivia contest where everyone got to pick a book and answer a question about it for a random number of points. Everyone was asked what I felt were pretty straightforward questions. When it got to me, the book I picked was Snow Crash, and the question was "What's the name of the official Snow Crash cocktail?"

I thought about it for as long as they allowed, and the best guess I could come up with was "Beero Protagonist"

The answer was some totally generic sounding name like "berry babylon". I was *so* pissed. The question wasn't about the book, the answer wasn't clever, and I didn't even believe that was a real thing

I did today's wordle for the first time in awhile, but now when I tap the share button, it just says "share failed"

So I guess that's that


If it's so fun to stay at the YMCA, how come it took 130 years for anyone to write a song about it? Checkmate, young christian men

Sat bolt upright in bed at exactly 6:00 AM because I thought my alarm was going off (it wasn't.) Fell back asleep and proceeded to have a dream about forgetting and leaving all my belongings at work. What's up, brain? Do you need a hug?

The Daisy sour cream company picked their brand name the same way the author of "Eragon" titled his book

All of my drugs are performance-enhancing, especially the ones that keep me alive. My performance declines sharply once my heart rate falls below 1 and only goes downhill from there

They call it a thumb drive because it sticks out of your laptop like a sore thumb

scammers doing a new fraud 

"The WeWork founders are starting a carbon credit crypto company and they already raised $70 million in funding"

Fuck yeah, just got bingo

Just because you don't call something you write poetry, that doesn't make it *not* poetry

I wanna leave this world the same way I came into it: during the commission of a crime deemed seditious but not quite rising to the level of treason

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I forced a bot to watch 1000 hours of M*A*S*H and then asked it to write a script for a new episode. It said absolutely not

I wanna leave this world the same way I came into it: in legal limbo with no jurisdiction wanting to accept responsibility

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I wanna leave this world the same way I came into it: under mysterious circumstances and with a question mark where the date would go

@sc hey, this is the one where I talk about gemini

The site doesn't have any kind of search function, sorry about that. I'll try to be better about tagging stuff

This place is not a place of ardor. No hotly steamed creeds are elucidated here

Oh heck, it's my birthday month! ♊:toot:​ I don't reveal my actual birthday date 'cause opsec, so everyone just be nice to me from now until June 20 and we're good :ameowbongo:

It's nice that the IPA symbol for the "aw" sound is also an emoticon that represents "aw"


Had a minor heart attack this morning because I logged into my bank account, and the number showing my current balance is red

It was the number it should have been, and it didn't have a minus sign next to it, but seeing a red number there horrified me. I clicked on "transactions" just to make sure, and it is indeed a positive balance. Guess they're just keeping me on my toes 🙃

sunday links 05: please don't let your memes be dreams. i can make your wish come true. as long as you like numbers, as long as you like blue

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