Just realized that I've never seen a Patrick Swayze movie and have no idea what he looks like, so when anyone mentions him the person I picture is Patrick Duffy

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I saw thirst and dry mouth described as "symptoms of dehydration", which feels kinda tautological. It's like saying tiredness is a symptom of exhaustion

My favorite watercolor is blue. The other colors are a bit gross. Gimme the good old blue water, like nature intended, mm refreshing 🚿 :blue_potion:

throwback to when my cat did a sick ass keyboard solo

I saw a bio on DeviantArt that said (paraphrasing) "My interest in art came late in life - I didn't start drawing until I was almost out of elementary school" and it made me really sad

Stephen King was the original horror-ny on Maine

Does baseball have a rule about what happens if the pitcher just stands there and never pitches? I've never seen a "pitch clock" or anything. This might be a loophole that hasn't been exploited yet. Just force the other team to concede. Play the long game. Play the mind game. Once this becomes the new meta, you can just skip the whole boring baseball part and just declare whichever team wins the coin flip the winner. Everyone gets to go home. It's win-win.

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Did The Simpsons ever do a bit where it's a standard Chalmers-Skinner dialogue, with Chalmers accepting all of Skinner's outrageous lies at face value, but then Skinner says something about the moon landing, and Chalmers becomes dumbfounded and asks Skinner how he could possibly be so naive as to believe we really landed on the moon

A part of me really wants to play Katamari Damacy again, but another, more correct part of me knows that I'm going to have even less fun struggling with the weird controls against a time limit than I did in 2004. So I'll probably just listen to the soundtrack again.

Oh, you wouldn't have heard of me. I'm Anime Betrayal #11.

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"Window sill" doesn't look like a real word when you write it down

Stretching your calves on the what? Window sill? Really, that's the best you could come up with, "sill"?

There's also a version for the original Gameboy that came out in the US, Hyper Lode Runner, but it is *butt-crushingly* difficult. Like, look at all the bullshit you have to do just to finish the *first level*. Then the second level starts, and... this doesn't look like fun. youtube.com/watch?v=qypnpy0oKH

The version on the Gameboy Color also seems cool as hell. It does screen scrolling, but the camera's a lot better than in the NES version. It has a world map and a story/metagame in which you're rescuing these big pink dodo-like birds and... growing vegetables? Unfortunately I can't quite figure out how to play levels beyond the first one.

The (Japan-only) version of Lode Runner for the GBA is pretty good. The two options when you start are "Small World" and "Middle World". The Small World levels are all VERY tiny single-screen layouts. I thought the Middle levels were going to be the same visual style but with screen scrolling, but it just adorably shrinks everything.

Also, every time you start a level it implores you to "ROCK `n` ROLL!!" Same, Lode Runner

good that in my #sims2 neighbourhood bigfoot is gay, and marrying a robot. this is the future liberals want

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