I can't believe I graduated from Full Sail University right before everyone switched from sails to stacks >:(

I don't understand the whole "modding RGB/HDMI out into old consoles" phenomenon

imo either you want to capture the nostalgic feeling of playing the consoles when you were a kid, in which case you'd play on a CRT with a crappy RF switch; or you want to play the games in a way that looks as good as possible, in which case emulation is fine

I'll never get these weird half-steps

When people said Mortal Kombat 2011 had a good story mode, I thought they meant like, a metagame. A singleplayer mode where you're collecting and/or upgrading things, and maybe moving around a map, and making choices of some sort. Not "just the fighting, but you have to watch cutscenes too"

As if anyone cares about the """""story""""" in a Mortal Kombat game

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Here's my basic-ass tip for being a better reader and writer: create a browser search shortcut for the dictionary and thesaurus. Whenever I see a word I don't know, it's the easiest thing in the world to open a new tab and type, e.g. "d sartorial" and immediately see what it means. Or if I need a slightly less judgmental word for "slovenly", I can type "t slovenly" and be like "ah right, disheveled". Very useful to have that instantly available.

I just thought of a good visual joke, if anyone wants to use it: you're zoomed in on someone doing a task, let's say drawing a picture, and you hard-cut to the person at different stages of drawing it, maybe with some narration implying that they're working hard and time is passing; but then you zoom out, and it's several identical-looking people all drawing the same picture. Maybe the last one you showed can hold their picture up to the others and smugly say "I'm almost done with *mine*"

Listening to Rhythm Heaven music is weird. Like objectively I know that the little squeaks and sound effects and vocalizations are repetitive and annoying, and they'd probably drive me crazy if I hadn't played the game, but when I listen to the music without them, it sounds lifeless and incomplete. I'd much rather listen to a perfect playthrough than the song on its own.

Like no, you don't understand, the song's so much better with the constant "ook eek thwack", trust me youtube.com/watch?v=A0J8wmucIb

Wow the editing on this person's Rhythm Heaven videos is phenomenal youtube.com/watch?v=r_K_jgE6mw

Check out the art and flourishes in the background! And the animation on the logos! Holy crap!

Oh wait. Apparently you can rent actual, physical items from Amazon and that's what this is talking about. I have to pay full price if I want to buy the movie I just rented. Fuck!

If a movie costs $5 to rent digitally, and $15 to buy digitally, you should be able to rent it, and then pay $10 within the rental period if you decide you want to keep it

I never do either because either buying a movie I might not want or wasting $5 renting a movie I might want to keep are both unacceptable

If you have to walk more than a mile to the closest 24-hour convenience store, can you really call it a civilization?

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Unsung benefit of modern telephones: looking at your watch in a social situation now seems less rude by comparision

"Alex Schwartz and Ziba Scott set out to determine the lowest bar for success on App Stores. They flooded the market with over 1,500 auto-generated slot machine games, got 1.6 million installs, made money (!!), received some very strange emails, made it big in Iran, and garnered a stupefying number of good reviews on Google Play." gdcvault.com/play/1025766/1-50

Mobile games are a fuck

Is physical media still meaningful on any of the non-nintendo consoles? Are there any discs you can put in a PS4 or XB1 with no internet connection that's never been updated and be able to play the video game? Or have discs fully transformed into just glorified validation keys?

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