I'm sorry, there must be some mistake. It says here that my tiny house costs as much as a real house

Linktree is a weird site. It's just a list of links in a linear column. There's nothing treelike about it. More like linktrunk

Making a gritty historical drama about Roman centurions that plays it 100% straight except that they're all wearing crocs

I wonder if Freaks & Geeks holds up

My assumption is no because of how heavily Judd Apatow was involved, but maybe it's like a John K situation where his work was tolerable as long as there were people around to rein him in

A handy mnemonic if you ever need to remember the order of the days of the week:

"Super Mario Tennis? What the fuck, Susan?"

licenses, lol 


If the only positive thing you can say when trying to convince people to vote to legalize something or relax regulations is that it "creates jobs" there's a 100% chance it's evil

It's weird that a program would opt to track my physical location with satellites to tell me what the weather is like where I am, rather than just asking me where I am

I feel like the potential consequences of me falsifying this information are fairly benign. Doesn't seem worth beaming my coordinates into space and back to verify, imo

It'd be nice if we could add "spellcheck = true" to the CW field

90s reminiscing 

90s reminiscing 

I just moved around the corner
And thought that this was brave
To give up what for years and years
Felt like home, felt like I was safe
Now in front of me a diner, German style
And a barber right next door - did you know
That I never went to cut my hair
Anywhere else then at my mom's before?


Invention for tactile feedback in VR: gloves with tiny plastic tubes on each finger and palm connected to a tank of compressed nitrogen. As your fingers press against things in VR, the computer sends a signal to the valve controller and releases a burst of propellant equivalent to whatever you're pressing against

Practical application: game instructs player to look carefully at the back of their virtual hand, sends signal for maximum nitrogen power, player hilariously slaps themselves in the face

How am I supposed to play PC Building Simulator and learn how to build a PC if I need to build a PC to play PC Building Simulator on the PC that I need PC Building simulator to teach me how to build??

Extraordinary popular de-moo-sions and the radness of cows


What's a good color palette to use? I was thinking of (255, 0, 0), (0, 255, 0), (0, 0, 255). Just three good old fashioned, solid, dependable colors, you know? Classics for a reason

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