Nice short investment portfolio you got there... it'd be a shame if someone were to... artificially overvalue it 😈

Person who chooses to exercise instead of sleep: "Melatonin? More like hella-tonin' these delts 💪 "

Why do things keep evolving into crabs? Why *wouldn't* they? I mean, if you had the option, wouldn't you?

lol sumatra reader doesn't let you copy text when you're reading in ebook mode, just "fixed page" (i.e. PDF) mode. I thought this was a bug or something that hasn't been implemented yet, but it's intentional, because "many ebooks often start along the lines of 'no part of this publication may be reproduced without permission of the publisher'"


The international agency that issues standard ISBN book numbers is known as the "International International Standard Book Number Agency"

the 90's neoliberal fantasia as experienced by daria morgendorffer, millennial


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Good movie, except they expect me to sit there for 2 hours and pretend I don't know that Tom Hanks isn't Mr. Rogers. I'm not a damn monk, I know who Tom Hanks is ffs

Headphones broke? Sorry, you shouldn't have put them around your neck when someone starts talking so you can hear them, or turned your head sharply while wearing them, or worn them for more than 3 hours at a time, or worn them outside, or taken them out of their protective case

Huh. Are they called "goiryas" because it sounds like "gorilla" because the boomerangs they throw look like bananas? 🤔

old bad games 

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old bad games 

The music for the town where everyone's asleep in the SFC version of Dragon Quest 3 is extremely eerie and cool. There's also lullaby remixes of all the town themes for when you go there at night.

I'm digging it

Holy crap, Blåhaj is over 3 feet long and it only costs 18 bucks? No wonder everyone has one. I didn't have a good sense of its scale from the photos I've seen. If I lived somewhere with an Ikea, that would have been an impulse buy for me too.

I'm so so so tired...

Anyway, here's a cute photo I found.

The Legend of Zelda, spoiler map 

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