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I wrote a story 

It's a lighthearted fantasy adventure called "Tessa Tomble and the Sunken Dowry". It's about a group of friends at a wizard school who hatch a scheme. You can read it on my website for free or pay what you want to download the ~20 page ebook on my page

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meta, housekeeping 

Just pruned following/follower lists of any accounts that have been dormant for more than a year. Apologies if I removed anyone's active backup accounts, feel free to refollow if I did, just trying to keep things tidy

If you're reading after coming back to fedi after a long break, please let me know you're back. I miss y'all

My backup account is @matt. If shit really goes down, my secondary backup account is @bluelander, but it probably won't get any use. Other ways to contact me are, as always, at


Finally finished FF6, after 20-ish years. God knows how many attempts have been made in that time, at least half a dozen. It's still my least favorite entry on the SNES, but it's not without its charm. Can't see myself revisiting this one, but I'm glad I saw it through

Was looking for microwave cleaning tips and I found a commercicle on an adverblog that said to be mindful of "gramophone residue"

That rules. Who needs GPT? Just scrape some sites in other languages and dump it into google translate. It's not plagiarism if the words are different!

Oh nice, substack has full-text RSS feeds. Add /feed after the URL. :blobthumbsup:

That's what I gather based on this review, anyway. I disagree with the reviewer that this is a "con". The Giant hallway is one of the worst parts of the game. It's a hallway in a dungeon where you trigger an identical battle with giants every single step you take, in any direction. The game's lousy with this sort of thing, which is infuriating given the already ludicrously high random encounter rate. I can't imagine why anyone would be mad that they changed it, but I can't imagine why anyone would still like the original FF either

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Oh my god, it looks like the new FF1 remaster might have done away with trap tiles finally? The game might actually be playable now??

The NES remakes look okay except for the font. And if you switch to the Japanese font, it's less unbearable. Gonna watch people play and try to get a sense of how much the mechanics have tweaked, it might be worth getting

Huh, my prescription came in a bag that says XIM on it. I must've been the 989th customer

I wouldn't trust him to tell me the time with the broken watch that's right more often than he is

Don't commit any blood crimes. Ignorance of the law is NO excuse. Make sure all your blood has been inspected by the FBA and deemed safe for home, school or office use. The following blood types are strictly regulated and must be surrendered immediately upon discovery without proper licensure: BA-, OB+, A neutral, AAAA. Thank you for keeping your blood safe for all to enjoy

Was walking and listening to random music. This xotox track came on and my pace automatically picked up slightly to match the beat. If felt good, which kind of creeps me out

Just scheduled an interview with a freebooting company. I don't know what that is, but the ad said they're looking for "ten stout men of iron will who feareth no constable" and I can probably fake most of that

I'm pleased to report that the author of "Foucault Fantasy VI: A Role-Playground for Postcolonial Thought" gave a video presentation

Starts at around 32 minutes, but honestly the other topics sound interesting too, I'll probably watch the whole thing. You can download it to get a higher-quality version

They forgot to mention the vanish/doom trick but other than that this FF6 guide is pretty solid

Whoa, markdown hasn't changed since 2004? Maybe I should start using it

SCP: A computer where you press ctrl-shift-T, and it doesn't stop opening old tabs. It keeps opening tabs you closed days ago, weeks ago, months ago, on old browsers, then on old computers. It keeps going back and you see browser windows you closed back to the very first time you ever visited a website. You see everything, old e-mail inboxes, old forum posts, old livejournal entries. All of it

Containment procedure: don't do that

A trolley is careening down a set of tracks. The tracks are behind a blind at the center of a circular prison such that each prisoner knows they are potentially involved in a trolley problem without being able to confirm at any given time whether the trolley is aimed at them. In this case, would it then be ethical to lie if the trolley came to the door asking for information that could reveal the whereabouts of a prisoner, knowing the likely outcome?

I did not acquire google on my new Linux, and if I did, I certainly would not want google to "personalize my experience". You must have me mixed up with some other Linux-haver


I just want someone to love me for who I really am and not my stunning good lucks, incredible personal charisma, touching sensitivity and shocking sexual prowess. Is that so much to ask?

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