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(CW for ableist and homophobic slurs in case that's not obvious)

lol remember when some dudes on a weightlifting forum had a 10-page argument about whether "every other day" means three times a week or four times a week

When you have a mod that just changes the mechanics or rules of a game, it's very difficult to describe it without using the word "gameplay." So far I've managed it though. The only place I use it is in a tag on moddb, because I figure that's what people would be searching for

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It's funny how early CD-based games on computers sometimes still had terrible MIDI soundtracks because computers and compression still weren't good enough to play bitstream-based music, speech and sfx simultaneously

But with the console CD add-ons, most of the non-FMV games were like "wtf are we going to do with all this storage space? Might as well give it a killer soundtrack"

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Actually that's not true, there's this video about why music in Miyazaki films sounds "pretty" from a couple years ago that I found interesting, but I found the guy's tone kinda unpleasant and condescending.

I'll have to watch more of Adam Neely's videos, his style reminds me of suckerpinch. They take very complicated concepts and simplify them in a funny, approachable way that makes me want to dig deeper

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Last boost: this is the first time I've ever seen someone explain a single sentence of information about why certain things in music sound good to people and holy shit I want to know more

I wish any music class I ever took had talked about the ratio of note frequencies and why some notes harmonize and others don't, and the significance of different tuning across different cultures. I might have actually gotten interested in music as a kid if anyone tried actually explaining it to me

context: adam neely's recentish video testing out the A=432hz thing with wild frequency tuning systems he got from questionable new age sources on the internet


it works about as well as you'd expect

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