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A law passed mandating new safety standards for electrical outlets. A lot of property owners are upset at the expected cost of bringing their buildings up to code, but safety activists say this is important for preventing unnecessary injury and electrical fires. It's a pretty polarizing law.

2012: Let's make a neo geo mini. Oops, everyone hates it.
2018: Hey I know, let's make the same thing but worse.

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There's been a bunch of laptops and other miscellaneous electronics haphazardly thrown onto a mail cart sitting out in an open area of the office for a couple weeks now. I can't tell if it's (probably broken) junk no one would notice if it goes missing, or if it's a honeypot of some kind to catch potential scavengers. I've tried to look for hidden cameras in the area as nonchalantly as I can but haven't found anything. Seems noteworthy. I'll keep an eye on it.

I was just thinking about this the other day, how "Shit Computer" is probably my favorite mashup/collage album, one I still listen to regularly and more often than, say, Girl Talk, because it focuses on and highlights the way I already experience music. With very few exceptions all song lyrics sounds like a meaningless collection of syllables to me. Using that as a medium for making something original and unusual is incredibly appealing to me.

Someone in Discord linked to that Earth Wind and Fire song "September", and I was like "oh weird, someone on Mastodon just posted that too, what's the significance?" They replied "The 21st night of September", I asked if that was a lyric in the song, they said it's the first two lines

I... kinda hate not being able to parse lyrics sometimes

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The thing with the Waypoint vibrating text the other day made me realize that javascript became enabled by default on my work computer again. Not sure how it happened. Maybe my preferences got reset when Chrome updated?
Anyway, disabling JS makes the site work great. You don't get to see any of the images but all the text is super readable.

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Earlier I posted about the possibility of a de facto social credit system, and I speculated that it was probably already happening. Turns out it was.

So much for Apple not building its business on monetizing the private details of your life. They're as much surveillance capitalism as Facebook or Google.

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Do people not understand that there's no value to "free online college courses" for poor people if they don't confer some sort of tangible benefit? I don't have the time or energy to enroll in a class just for personal self-enrichment. All this "You can get an Ivy League education for free! :) :)" bullshit is incredibly condescending. I could do a lot of things if society didn't deem me unworthy of leisure time.

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the best/worst thing i've read today. an important read but it is pretty heavy and depressing.

Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong

Hello, this is a personal essay. On its surface it seems to be sincere self-reflection and apology for the wrongs I've committed, and a vow to do better; in actuality, through the careful use of weasel words and passive voice, its real purpose is to paint me as a victim and make you sympathize with me despite being 100% at fault. I let you all down. I-

Sorry, I'll be right back.

I'm being informed that everyone is mad at me. I'd like to apologize for the preceding personal essay in the following essay:

It's a small miracle that there hasn't been a reboot of E.T. yet. It would just be really unnecessary and it's such low-hanging fruit, and good on them for not going for it. It's so easy to imagine a PG-13 soft reboot set in modern times with a terrible CG ET, and it's a speak and spell app on an ipad! And they make a little joke about a terrible Atari game and the boomer audience laughs because they understand a reference. And they fly past the moon on a segway or something, I dunno

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