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Sweep the floor. Empty the dustbin. Put broom back in closet. Hang the helmets and gloves back on the hooks next to their terminals. Turn off lights. Turn off sign. Light one last candle. Blow it out again. Close the blinds. Leave. Lock the door. Steal compass. Drive north. Disappear.

Reappear at


Well, I'm all caught up with The Constant, so work sucks again. Any other must-listen history podcasts I should dive into?

The plesiosaur had a symbiotic relationship with the thankylosaurus

The universal prime meridian is the imaginary line dividing the east half of the universe from the west half. It's located on Neptune Ave, just off I-77 exit 124B in Akron, Ohio. If you see the Circle K you've gone too far

Northwood, North Dakota, North America, North Earth, North Solar System

It took less than an hour! Super soivice! @minterpunct :toot:

I don't wanna do all the migrate-y parts on a phone, I'll wait til I get home

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Ok never mind, I requested an account on I don't know how long the approval process will take so I figured better not to wait

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I hate that I'm susceptible to loudness war bullshit, I *know* it's a cheap ploy, but whenever I listen to something that's been ripped from an early 90s CD my first thought is "I wonder if I can get a remastered version"

It should be illegal to use audio editing software to speed up the disclaimers at the end of a radio ad. They should have to hire someone who can talk really fast


Ah even better, the bug was already fixed over a month ago

But today bearblog updated to 2.0.3 instead of 2.0.4 for what I can only assume are reasons

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It irks me that the platform where I blog will update sight unseen to a new and broken version of the markdown parser, when the version it was using worked fine. I don't want to open an issue for this shit

Don't update software 🙅‍♀️

No, I'm not fucking around with weird punctuation because I'm thinking of doing a name change when I move instances

I think I've already settled on my new name, and the punctuation mark in it is going to be *relatively* normal

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My 5-year cybreversary is September 12, so I'll probably try to figure out where my new home will be and migrate then, for the sake of pomp and arbitrary tradition

Anyone got room for a scatterbrained raccoon?

the mastodon instance at is retiring 

for a lot of reasons, both personal and practical, i don't think i can effectively run a public mastodon instance any more, and i need to retire i want to do this responsibly and make sure everyone has a chance to migrate and export properly, so here is the plan for the instance retirement (feel free to share this link around):

due to ongoing moderation load issues and understaffing, between now and 1 november, the instance may be undermoderated. for other instances, if this poses an issue for you, i encourage you to use federation tools at your discretion. i would only ask that you be clear and public about your decisions so that users can figure out where they will be able to migrate their accounts.

thank you

Downloaded an app that lets me rotate my screen 180° so I can charge it while it's sitting vertically in a stand on my desk, so I can see notifications without needing to fiddle with it. It looks silly with the cable sticking out of the top and snaking around to the USB port, but it works

Phones should come with docks 👩‍🏫

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and George "The Animal" Steele posits the existence of a wrestler nicknamed "The Plant"

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and George "The Animal" Steele should've traded nicknames

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the mastodon instance at is retired

see the end-of-life plan for details: