I don't miss school, but I do think I'd be happier if my job involved doing things for 45 minutes, then getting up and going somewhere else

I have no desire to listen to podcasts at 1.5x or 2x speed, but I understand why the option's there. 0.5x speed, I can't fathom :psyduck:

Working for free is scabbing on people who need money to live

"Compatible with game boy advance" so it's not *only* for game boy color then, is it? 😏

"The 'classic rock' disc sounds a lot more like 90's radio friendly rock than anything" I've got some bad news for you, buddy

The amount of heat my laptop radiates for the number of hours it does terrifies me. I should not have a battery that powerful right next to me. If it could somehow expend all of its potential energy at once I'd be instantly vaporized

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In 2005, for some reason, Akira Toriyama's studio designed an electric car, and it is one Dragonball-ass car

I just learned that imitation leather is sometimes referred to as "protein leather", and I finally have an explanation for Marta's protein shoes. I dunno if it's the correct one, but at least I have something


Huh. Tetris 99 and Mario 35? 99 minus 35 is 64. Nintendo 64 confirmed?

I just realized why I never got into handheld RPGs: music is way more important to me in rpgs than other genres. I'll occasionally mute a game and listen to something else if I'm in a super grindy part and the battle theme is starting to grate, but it's always temporary. Good menu sfx can help a lot too. Playing an rpg with no in-game sound at all feels like a soulless experience in a way that Mario or something doesn't. Weird

Whoa, VLC can just natively play twitch vods now, no streamlink required! Dunno how long that's been a thing but I just noticed cause I accidentally pasted the wrong URL. And it worked!

The Ground Gives way sounds like my jam, it's a roguelike with 4-directional movement, a menu-based UI, and tight environmental contstraints - but I can't play it because it's one of those modern RLs where everything's constantly blinking :| What's the deal with that? Are they worried people will quit because they're understimulated? I imagine those people wouldn't be playing a roguelike in the first place

At least Caves of Qud lets you disable those effects, but its scope is way too overwhelming for me

lol imgur doesn't even load on firefox now. Tried a private browsing window, disabling ublock, etc, nothing. Gotta dive into that chromium javascript hellscape if you wanna see a jpg

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