This is the most eye-roll-inducing name imaginable for a Q*bert clone

Creative commons attribution noncommercial no-derivatives is kind of a shit license

So I can... give you free advertising, and provide you with free additional hosting. Thanks. Really giving a lot back to the culture there

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Lifehack: When you go to send a letter, put the address you intend to send it to as the return address and drop it into a mailbox with no stamp. It'll be "returned" to them for insufficient postage, saving you 50 cents. Do this for every letter you ever send and you'll have saved enough money to buy a lottery ticket. Thanks to your crimecraft, you're guaranteed to win the jackpot. Once a millionaire, you'll finally be allowed into the secret club of people who can live forever

I wonder if the best way to get away with graffiti would be in broad daylight wearing an orange safety vest, white helmet and dust mask. Everyone would assume that you were a worker there to cover up some other graffiti, and no one would notice that you actually added your own graffiti until it was too late

The best thing about Super Meat Boy is that it set the wheels in motion for Danny B to eventually do the music for a Zelda game

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Every extraterrestrial life form located = 1 SETIcoin

I've used up my allotment, but luckily I still have my allittlement

Knock knock. Who's there? Tom Holland. Tom Holland who? Tom Hall and John Romero co-founded ion storm.

If Sonic R is so good how come there's no Sonic S

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Try my new alternative medicine elixir treatment. Doctor's hate it (waits for you to take a drink) because it is a fatal toxin with no cure

Just saw a bunch of birds fly out of the same tree at the same time. It was like something outta one of those bird movies

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