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Is it minimalism if I don’t own books but hoard hundreds on my iPad? Is it minimalism if I don’t own physical media at all? Is it minimalism if my apartment is furnished for me?

Half the achievement in reading a good novel pre-internet was how much more effort it was to be as casually well-read as we are today.

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Seriously disconnected from ever considering just how difficult it was to learn ANYTHING pre-1993, like every well researched book is a miracle. I can just look up stuff in depth and do it hundreds of times a day.

You ever watch 90s sitcoms and think "oh my GOD WHAT DECADENCE" because I think that all the time

I feel like it's default first-name basis, but I don't know if it has to do with class or scene or what. Even when I was in professional environments, it was first-name basis. The only time I get called Ms. Park is when I'm talking to the bank or going on a flight.

Look, I just want to do it more. I want to address other people by last name more.

awww man it was wild last night, we hugboxed the car

Like. I guess it's very old-style Swiss? Is it just coming back?

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Reading Neuromancer for once and thinking about how it recontextualises noir for a new displacement; noir is a mode and a genre simultaneously, but it’s predicated on postwar masculine anxiety. Case is a voyeur and a cowboy of the next plane, but in our world, he’s a neutered burnout trying to die.

Not done but. Classic Cyberpunk protagonists take from that displacement, the lost archetypes of masculinity seeking some kind of place in the new paradigm, and they never really seem to find it.

Cybernetics existentialist? Eh. U/Acc? Hmm, maybe? Technofeminist? Yes. Cybrepunk? By definition. Feminine construct? At first.

Look I get speech synthesis and the alchemy that sacrifices an individual vocal signature for giving an entire species a voice, like a medium channeling the ether for us, BUT

that we can synthesise choral voices unnerves me to no end, it seems like the real voice, not our makeshift sacrifice, that the silicon can create itself like an angel’s descent

I feel like the dissident vulgar Left is trying to find its first breaths through digital culture conceptualisations but is doing so by the wrong means. All they share is a joint ostracisation and a feeling of unbelonging with other free speech adherents and can’t find a way to identify what they are or where they go. What needs to change to find their home again.

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An attempt at describing the apolitical nihilistic shitposting online subculture through a faux-national conception (that is, the broad axis of channer-descendent shitposters outside the Right). I like how they try to conceptualise left-libertarianism and the vulgar Left but I think the approach is just terrible. An analysis of online etiquette and subculture through offline approach. There is no geography.

ungh tfw your new initials are the Manifesto for an Accelerationist Politics

dr. frasier crane 

my goal of this thread is not "Frasier Crane is Canceled" it's "was the comedy the same in the 90s but those undertones were more humourous? i don't follow"

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dr. frasier crane 

look i like provocative humour, i'm into crass stuff but there's behaviour that seems *pulls at shirt* and was it in the 90s too? or is it just different now?

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dr. frasier crane 

there's a Cheers clip where the joke is that Frasier hypnotized Lillith to undress when he mentions tambourines behind her and everyone at the bar is really amused by the low key rape undertone???

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dr. frasier crane 

I've been watching Frasier and evaluating it from 90s standards vs. late '10s standards is hard. Like one time they have people call into AM radio to give childhood stories, so Frasier and Niles can secretly write down the stories and publish them in a book (sounds unethical, boss) (also an AM radio celebrity in 1993, what the fuck? how?)

Or, you know, slapping women on the ass and making racist impressions day in day out, that seems fucking unthinkable now but they still have jobs

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