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Is using an ISP or university email address a power move? In this essay, I will

I'm probably going to favour saying Future Left as opposed to Alt-Left (thinks of bizarro world Gavin McInnes), L/Acc (which isn't really very /Acc), etc.

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Also I'm just discovering that Future Left / Digital Culture studies graphic design highly favours Helvetica, highlighter aesthetics, bold diagonal stripes, a large amount of white space, use of special characters as idiosyncratic identifiers

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I don't regret a single thing about the bachelor life

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Honestly I had a little too much to drink last night and tried to replicate the visual language of the MIT Press website (eg. and discovered they don't use Helvetica they use Neue Haas Grotesk, a 2010 remaster that looks way nicer ( and I was disappointed I couldn't actually execute it without paying $500

dearest Agatha, i write to you from the confines of my non federated mastodon instance. this tactical retreat from the relentless keening of twitter and facebook continues to bring peace to my troubled soul. yet i awake at times and grasp blindly for my phone, tormented by a single, burning question. the very question i now break my isolation to put before you. the only question which is immune to contemplation in my serene hermitage. do people still say Drumpf

you don't understand. when we're talking to flight crew, you'll thank me

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it's either "not very practical" or "the most practical thing ever" to switch all the clocks in the house to UTC

This is a really nice podcast explicating xenofeminism (feminism of the Other, of Difference) and its genealogy in techno-, cyber- and intersectional feminism as well as l/acc.

a whole gnu/world
a gnu/fantastic point of view

what we should be asking is 'Where was Waldo radicalized?'

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These tender bearded men have a mystic connection to the lakes of the Midwest and want to fuck but not in a weird way, just thinking about that lost summer night 25 years ago, on the crisp breeze,

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Hey if you've seen Utena you should listen to this Bossa Nova version of Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku because it's incredible

I mean I'm all for conflict with people different from you to become a better person but so many people in my life are Frasier fans

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Hey so are Frasier and The Big Bang Theory similar shows? I started Frasier and it seems like it's like superficially into the culture of the intellectual elite only to show them as dysfunctional neurotics and pull them down into the anti-intellectual assimilation of mainstream America through conflict with regular people

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