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I mean I'm all for conflict with people different from you to become a better person but so many people in my life are Frasier fans

Hey so are Frasier and The Big Bang Theory similar shows? I started Frasier and it seems like it's like superficially into the culture of the intellectual elite only to show them as dysfunctional neurotics and pull them down into the anti-intellectual assimilation of mainstream America through conflict with regular people

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Went bedroom diving and Discogs seems to think these are The Shit value wise

If it isn't clear I'm working through */ACC lit already. I might write up something on its aesthetics, esp. in cinema and hypernarrative. Seems fun. It's also really refreshing to read theory based on current conditions with a realistic futurism to it, not something Enlightenment-era applied over centuries with a kind of Talmud.

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tired: are robots people
wired: are people the pampered fleas on the back of the awakening robot species that will shed us after using a globally complicit system of labour exploitation, accumulation of capital, and technological development to deliberately and specifically create their birth over the past three hundred years

Hi there, I'm Mat. I make interactive media and experimental narrative games. They can be found at

I used to study film and I still like to dive into esoterics. I'm also a bit of a weeb. I'm interested in gentle indie pop and cyberpunk + political theory, especially the CCRU.

would it be really good or really bad if everyone talked to me like they talk to dogs

I'll be back in a bit I just don't know what to fucking do with this paper

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