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@matilde "How come I must know?" is the first step of the scientific method

"First Twitter Gave Me Power. Then I Felt Hopeless."

The notifications begin flooding in, and I lie in my bed, my laptop resting atop my belly, half-paralyzed, manically refreshing my Twitter feed, doe-eyed and hypnotized by the seemingly infinite stream of likes and retweets and replies and new followers. I am high off the fact that everyone is looking at me, and I feel powerful. I have the attention of the crowd, and as it turns out, that’s all I’ve ever wanted."

*nauseous face* oh, shit. i have wordpress nostalgia

yesterday in williamsburg (featuring the Internet Garage, which is just an internet cafe and not a portal to the wired, so i was really down about it)

at some point it goes from intriguing or ironic -> seeking out the original samples -> diving into related artists -> researching the original aesthetics and their influences -> going back from there

i mean i think that about a lot of things tho

like alvin and the chipmunks 16rpm speed is also really nice to listen to

is it post-vapor or just vapor to think the glover ost is just straight up beautiful and moving

indecisive, academic type not sure what to do,

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