@alana what bitches are you around, because if that's standard issue that's p good ... elementaryOS, and not like, macOS

@darius Decentralised community management is sort of trial by fire for us. I suspect it will be like a nature thing — poor community managers will collapse their communities, good ones will cultivate bigger ones. But good god, IRL community management is a very poorly cultivated skill, and I haven't even seen community managers by profession do it well necessarily, either. It's nebulous.

@TheGibson the initial period is water weight from processing carbs


@amsomniac well after skimming don't see much that indicates anything beyond "it's likely she read moldbug and thought he made some good points," i wouldn't assume she lost her cool factors just yet


@amsomniac oh she fuckin wrote for them lol


@amsomniac Can't see much to substantiate this yet beyond extremely esoteric Minecraft play experiences. Her Twitter is the lights-out distancing of someone who's had a bad time on the internet tho so I inherently feel for her

so curious


@amsomniac Say what you want about me but I didn't become a technofeudalist lol


@amsomniac Alice Maz!!!! Woah she pivoted! Holy shit.


@amsomniac intriguing — i always thought neoreaction was dead in the water going way back

@vantablack you were sent back from the future to make it happen


@amsomniac in practice it's just the self-applied term of use for neoreactionaries

us shutdown, mutual aid 

@garbados i should probably start reading more, idk, market anarchism lit in that case.

Would be cool to plan a similar space — I've seen discords but not instances.

zen priest
they were delicious
the feel of moonlight
zen priest

callout post, foodish 

@iliana it’s a good idea and you should too

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