@bong yes school and work is glorified daycare but also $$$$

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@esselfortium @tom this makes me feel like such a poseur, i've been borrowing from hypercard for years now but i was a windows kid, never ever had a mac, was just sort of intrigued by it

@morae I heard Harry only keeps an account at mastodon.social and talks about his hobbies with hashtags.

awww man it was wild last night, we hugboxed the car

@xj9 evil is just rational egoism

i think you're super cool in any case

@xj9 the larger problem for me is the automatic write-off of people based on identity margin, because it never actually goes away if you're not a white guy. it just transposes to different axis: minorities can be discredited if they are rumoured to be bad people, in order to maintain the ideological compliance of the group

@nicknicknicknick domain name or file extension? if the latter you can just fuckin do it and associate it with an image viewer

Like. I guess it's very old-style Swiss? Is it just coming back?

We gotta call this something. Versocore? I don't know I see it fucking everywhere

@rick_777 I don't believe in argument from author statement but, the point is a good one. Dystopian is a value judgment from a specific position. In addition where is love coming from? Love for whom and to what end? To what utility is it in a better society?

@rick_777 "Just don’t call William Gibson dystopian. The author of the cyberpunk classic Neuromancer, and eight novels since, admits his invented worlds aren’t altogether pleasant places to imagine. But “someone stuck in Darfur right now might be happy to live in them. People who say I’m dystopian are middle class pussies!”


Reading Neuromancer for once and thinking about how it recontextualises noir for a new displacement; noir is a mode and a genre simultaneously, but it’s predicated on postwar masculine anxiety. Case is a voyeur and a cowboy of the next plane, but in our world, he’s a neutered burnout trying to die.

Not done but. Classic Cyberpunk protagonists take from that displacement, the lost archetypes of masculinity seeking some kind of place in the new paradigm, and they never really seem to find it.

Cybernetics existentialist? Eh. U/Acc? Hmm, maybe? Technofeminist? Yes. Cybrepunk? By definition. Feminine construct? At first.

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