2am! Time to read about field recordings and number stations on shortwave radio

@lohang I’m sad that twelve year old me ordered like 50 PowerPC ones for like no reason whatsoever

@bobby_newmark i'm horny in the rain
just horny in the rain
what a glorious feeling

welcome to Computer Mac. on Mac you can just your files.

you: "wow!!! my are just right where i need ?" Apple

me: yes... on Mac. Life's is Like That (tm)

Computer Mac: Where do Me Want to Mac Today ? Mac (tm)

@nleigh I think by Using Their Service they will donate to depressed guys

No diss on men’s mental health I just. Figured it would be more. I think my demographic is like 45%+?

You can fall in love with the way a mind works, the patterns and responses that end up marked with a name, and in turn love the machine that sustains the perspective, listening to the heartbeat, thankful for its persistence; and that experience, to feel that deep gratitude, is a gift

Are YouTube Poops a form of culture jamming

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johnny mnemonic was way too good. still thinking about it. my goodness

incidentally there's a free 35mm showing of johnny mnemonic in today and i got a 1080p copy of "Eve of Destruction" (1991)

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