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Would be cool to plan a similar space — I've seen discords but not instances.

Went bedroom diving and Discogs seems to think these are The Shit value wise

long-read, climate change, attitudes 

So in August the New York Times Magazine published a long, long article on how climate change has been open knowledge since 1979.

But what I'm interested in is its conclusion — it, essentially, argues all the reader can do now is adapt and hope, that clearly nothing's working to actually change policy. And I wonder if this is a broader attitudinal shift, a cognitive leap over "democracy isn't solving this problem through discussion"...?

Hi there, I'm Mat. I make interactive media and experimental narrative games. They can be found at

I used to study film and I still like to dive into esoterics. I'm also a bit of a weeb. I'm interested in gentle indie pop and cyberpunk + political theory, especially the CCRU.

Landian edgyness and trans female supremacy 

Nick Land -> Nyx Land(???) is fucking writing about Gender Accelerationism now???


Peppermint white hot chocolate with Bailey’s 6:

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In July 2016, an anonymous IP added this one line to the Blastoise page on Wikipedia. It has never been verified or removed since.

It's the Itch sale, by the way, so if you're in the mood for a ~2-3 hour, multiple window internet simulator in the post-singularity, Subserial Network is $6.69, which is pretty nice.

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