Honestly I had a little too much to drink last night and tried to replicate the visual language of the MIT Press website (eg. and discovered they don't use Helvetica they use Neue Haas Grotesk, a 2010 remaster that looks way nicer ( and I was disappointed I couldn't actually execute it without paying $500

I don't regret a single thing about the bachelor life

Also I'm just discovering that Future Left / Digital Culture studies graphic design highly favours Helvetica, highlighter aesthetics, bold diagonal stripes, a large amount of white space, use of special characters as idiosyncratic identifiers

I'm probably going to favour saying Future Left as opposed to Alt-Left (thinks of bizarro world Gavin McInnes), L/Acc (which isn't really very /Acc), etc.

Like. I guess it's very old-style Swiss? Is it just coming back?

@matilde fonts are so expensive i’m like did this really cost more to produce than an entire video game

@alana Their licensing on the web is really weird — I licensed the LCARS font but it's like, how are you going to track my views per month?

@matilde with myfonts you used to have to include their js but yeah good point. which intern is in charge of looking up everyone’s alexa pagerank or whatever

the two most common font pricing tiers: free, or $500

@matilde Thank you for sharing this link. I'm currently reading about the font's history and it is really interesting.

@Sylvhem yes but it's also GORGEOUS in a way helvetica would never feel again

@matilde Yes! Every character is so carefully designed. I wish I could use it.

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