tfw you realize neoliberalism and the increasing pressure of capitalism is creating a mass cultural mediocrity that tolerates no transgression whatsoever and it’s penetrating the social sphere, as all becomes image, as all association to any image reflects on literal survival in capitalism

Also realizing that I just big brained my way into “being edgy is good actually” and, sure. Why not just own it

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@matilde cancel culture is bad, actually, so whatever

@matilde (not that no one should be cancelled ever but yaaaaahhhh)


@maenad so
1. I dunno what cancelling is
2. I think it’s basically call out and exile and if so
3. It basically throws people to be radicalized by right wingers who
4. Don’t abandon people and
5. Give a meaningful method of self-empowerment so
6. The cancellers eat each other and wonder why the Enemy Forces get stronger

@maenad we can’t operate some Stalinist camp where people are expecting to be disappeared over disagreement and I think transgression is a release, it’s heslthy. People break under these conditions and it isn’t actually leftist at all

@matilde I largely agree, but it's really hard when you get a bunch of people lashing out from (rightful) positions of hurt

@maenad I agree. It’s hard. I wish we would figure out ways to be more tender

@matilde I wish both sides could be reminded that people on the other side are human

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