tfw you realize neoliberalism and the increasing pressure of capitalism is creating a mass cultural mediocrity that tolerates no transgression whatsoever and it’s penetrating the social sphere, as all becomes image, as all association to any image reflects on literal survival in capitalism


I have a couple accelerationist readers lined up on my book pile and I don’t think I’m gonna end up being a U/ACC type but I guess I’m also a little bit afraid I will end up being that, as if it’s up in the air as to what will reasonate with the inner reason

@matilde I was afraid I'd become an accelerationist and then I read the stuff and was like "oh, phew, this is not my thing". but that fear was palpable! I feel ya

@matilde turning the former regime to ash does not automatically guarantee that something better will replace it a perfectly valid rebuttal.

the one that works for me is that cheering on the collapse of all things invariable means the cheerer envisions themselves safe from the consequences of said collapse.

Your first paragraph is why I’m an incrementalist and generally open to nonpartisan debate to work for improvement with minimal blowback and minimal ultimate suffering

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