tfw you realize neoliberalism and the increasing pressure of capitalism is creating a mass cultural mediocrity that tolerates no transgression whatsoever and it’s penetrating the social sphere, as all becomes image, as all association to any image reflects on literal survival in capitalism

I have a couple accelerationist readers lined up on my book pile and I don’t think I’m gonna end up being a U/ACC type but I guess I’m also a little bit afraid I will end up being that, as if it’s up in the air as to what will reasonate with the inner reason

Also realizing that I just big brained my way into “being edgy is good actually” and, sure. Why not just own it

@matilde I was afraid I'd become an accelerationist and then I read the stuff and was like "oh, phew, this is not my thing". but that fear was palpable! I feel ya

@matilde turning the former regime to ash does not automatically guarantee that something better will replace it a perfectly valid rebuttal.

the one that works for me is that cheering on the collapse of all things invariable means the cheerer envisions themselves safe from the consequences of said collapse.

Your first paragraph is why I’m an incrementalist and generally open to nonpartisan debate to work for improvement with minimal blowback and minimal ultimate suffering

@matilde cancel culture is bad, actually, so whatever

@matilde (not that no one should be cancelled ever but yaaaaahhhh)

@maenad so
1. I dunno what cancelling is
2. I think it’s basically call out and exile and if so
3. It basically throws people to be radicalized by right wingers who
4. Don’t abandon people and
5. Give a meaningful method of self-empowerment so
6. The cancellers eat each other and wonder why the Enemy Forces get stronger

@maenad we can’t operate some Stalinist camp where people are expecting to be disappeared over disagreement and I think transgression is a release, it’s heslthy. People break under these conditions and it isn’t actually leftist at all

@matilde I largely agree, but it's really hard when you get a bunch of people lashing out from (rightful) positions of hurt

@maenad I agree. It’s hard. I wish we would figure out ways to be more tender

@matilde I wish both sides could be reminded that people on the other side are human

@matilde I'm for accelerationating, once we point the (electric) car more towards an actual future rather than off a cliff to annihilation.

@silverspookgames I gotta read more but it does basically assent to a whole lot of human grief

@matilde I had a *major* fight with some original transhumanists / accelerationists, particularly of the Nick Land school on a now-defunct site about a decade ago.

Then it was more "Moore's Law is a stairway to heaven. Technology, computers, AI, led by Silicon Valley will cure cancer, solve space travel, help us live forever, end war, poverty, political struggle, and all other problems. The Technium will save!

I said "You fucking clowns, I'm from a US ghetto, where we're all going to be soon."

@matilde There was much, much less negative prognostication about the future then. Entrepreneurs and capitalism were still super great everywhere, and socialism was totally a bad word for those who fancied political/career suicide.

Then 2008 meltdown, the 20-teens, Facebook, Twitter global internet-nexus fascism, Trump, total environmental extinction staring everyone down the barrel with psychopath billionaires still in control, and yeah, I told you so, motherfuckers!

@matilde I guess some of them are friends with Elon Musk or Peter Thiel or work at megabanks as futurist advisors, so maybe not 100% right.

@silverspookgames I mean Land says that populism is just a sign of the last gasps of democratic resentment against these conditions and their time was over. I wonder how to avoid that

@matilde I mean, democracy maybe over. it will be good if you're a billionaire capitalist cis white male fascist spycho. Yeah. It's gonna be great on Mars, 100%

@matilde Sorry if that came off harsh. What I mean is democracy is in jeopardy, but Google, Facebook, Amazon, China's panopticon computers, and the US Military Industrial Complex (now working with Amazon and Google) which are oppressing us, killing millions, and extincting the planet, who own and run these supposedly messianic technology are not going to suddenly become good altruists if a neoliberal centrist wins against Trump, or if democracy 'goes away'. It will be neofeudalism, at best IMHO

@matilde We need to rediscover democracy, rediscover empathy, and courage, get together with each other, protest, speak the truth, build alternate non-shithole systems. Worker coops, collectives, or just pushing for equalization like the Yellow Vests, the Water Protectors, non-shithole internet systems (Mastodon), all the good things about humanity, and get these capitalist death-cultists out of there as soon as possible. Or we're all literally dead, or will wish we were dead.

@silverspookgames Capitalism is a global movement. We really just need a global alternative whose praxis and product are essentially intuitive. I believe that this could originate online, but don’t know what.

@silverspookgames Trying my best to avoid corporate Statehood basically

@matilde If your business is not a capitalist corporation but rather one that distributes the fruits of labor fairly and makes decisions about what/where/how to produce at least somewhat democratically, then that's already a battle won! :D

@matilde On that note, I hope you're getting lots of sales in the Itch Winter Sale for all the Aether Interactive games, you guys deserve it!

@silverspookgames Well, we did our best in this regard for each project, anyway — asking people their rate and working with it, what they think works for their schedule on their own time, changing scale to not overload people, making miracles happen on very little money, deciding as a team what to do next.

@silverspookgames As a company deciding to be exclusive to Itch as a political measure against the hegemony of Steam, even when it worked against our own business interests.

@silverspookgames The Itch Winter Sale's been better than expected, yes! But not incredible, either, ha. A month of rent or so.

Hopefully I'll get to make another game someday, but it's sort of the past at the moment.

@matilde Yes, hopefully so. Also I liked the Lapsed Catholics album a lot, the vocals and lyrics are really well done. I already listened to it but I'll actually go and buy it now. 😂

@silverspookgames Oh, I just mean — my company doesn't really exist anymore, as my main collaborator stepped out, and there's no funds for future projects, so ... just finding new collaborators for new art in various fields. Aether tho, unsure there'll ever be another.

@matilde I see. Yeah, I mean keep creating or doing whatever you're doing! Your work deserves way more attention (and remuneration) than it's gotten. It's been really inspiring, honestly.

(Also, holy conversion rates Batman, I should've done all the Christmas Shopping in Canada!)

@silverspookgames Oh yeah, the CAD is not amazing. On the other hand, instant 25% boost to Itch sales to real Canadian money.

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