I was feelin real fucking down so I watched Hackers and I was reminded of why I am what I am and that's why Hackers is the most important movie ever made.


Hackers is this inexplicable queer communist tech power fantasy and love letter and it's so fun and so cool and it's these kids who are dressing themselves up in brands and logos that are meaningless to them beyond aesthetic purpose, making new identities for themselves and sharing information and tools to build a world based on sharing everything

And our main character doesn't know how to react to anything and he's a total bottom and he loves his friends, and computers,

@matilde The time-lapsey sequence where the main character is reverse-engineering the incomplete fragment of code as everyone around him is going through an entire day of doing other things is just ... that one sticks with me so hard

some combination of "it's a cool way to depict a flow state" and "one person being almost motionless while tons of activity happens behind them is inherently boss" and "yeah, this thing the character is doing is hard, and it's gonna take him a while, but he's game"

@matilde my fave bit is when the feds read the Hacker Manifesto!

@matilde I never went so fast from "never heard about it" to "i NEED to watch this asap"

@matilde It's quite interesting to see how many things have changed in two decades. When Hackers first came out, the reaction from the tech/hacker community is generally negative, many saw it as an abusive distortion of the hacker culture by the mainstream, a promotion of stereotype, or suggested it should be renamed "Crackers" (see Jargon File, Phrack, etc).

But nowadays, when people have already forgotten how was it like before Google, the movie becomes something novel, and comments are now positive...

@matilde This is my fav movie. I've watched it 123 times (true story). And I totally agree with your point of view!

@matilde That movie, every time I stop thinking about it, something surfaces and reminds me what an influence it's had.

@matilde i've heard people say this movie is bad and this is absolutely incorrect. the movie is good

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