Looking for recommendations: I want to get off Goodreads and keep a local/iCloud sync'd journal of books read / reviews and notes / books I want to read. Any tips?

@matilde I admit I’ve been using spreadsheets for that. For games I use Backloggery but I know and trust the owner not to do shenanigans with data.

@corvak I’ve never sought to catalogue my game experiences as I have other art. Which I think says something perhaps.

@matilde ...I only ever did games and books, and games was more of a social thing, I havent kept up with it recently. I guess it is kinda silly, though.

@matilde how absolutely nerdy are you willing to be, here..?

*rubs hands together in an unmistakably emacs-user kind of way*

@matilde in org-mode specifically, yes.

I found emacs to be very intimidating at first, but I got into it once I started learning topic-specific major modes and thinking of them as small apps relying on shared infrastructure; my gateway was twittering-mode.

Org-mode makes for a nice to-do/note tracker that you can incrementally extend as you explore, with categories, tagging, image embedding, cross linking, state tracking and so on.

@matilde I posted that half-joking reply before I saw that you had already settled on LibraryThing! I also try not to proselytize too much, I know it's super tiresome. But if you're interested I could go on!

@gnomon I’m always interested in tools, workflows, approaches.

@matilde IN THAT CASE 🤩

- - is an absolute treasure trove and a lovely human

- is a very interesting presentation by the creator of org-mode (but long, ~45m)

- is an interesting talk by an author about using org-mode for long form creative writing

- the org-mode manual is good for dipping into one topic at a time but is a very good brief intro!

@matilde oh gosh I'm sorry, didn't mean to be overwhelming.

@gnomon no no it’s not bad. It’s just next level ha. I’m very, macOS, workflows and AppleScript. This is just a step up in extensibility

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