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Hi there, I'm Mat. I make interactive media and experimental narrative games. They can be found at

I used to study film and I still like to dive into esoterics. I'm also a bit of a weeb. I'm interested in gentle indie pop and cyberpunk + political theory, especially the CCRU.

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Hey friends! My friend Phil and I have been collaborating on an indie pop album and we've finally released it. @goodbyecomputer provided the art, too. Lapsed Catholics' Hetaera is out:

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You can now log in to the Subserial Network. Explore the mesh network of the post-singularity and track down synthetics unbecoming human by using your own desktop.

Would be cool to plan a similar space — I've seen discords but not instances.

zen priest
they were delicious
the feel of moonlight
zen priest

check up on each other. not even the go-to people, check up on people you haven't thought about in years. follow your concern further back in your connections

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2019 vibe so far is unlikely allies finding each other, fact checking bad ideas, and ❤️s in chatrooms

y o u r
t h i n g
t h a t
v a g u e l y
r e s e m b l e s
v i d e o g a m e
i s
m e d i u m
e x p a n d i n g

naming yourself is a powerful act. More cis people should do it.

FInished the book. Spoiler-heavy Neuromancer review, if you're interested in discussing:

That the follies of my youth are my earnest devotion to bedroom-based, shock humour media critics — and not something cool, like drugs or joyriding — will haunt me for the rest of my days

sometimes i read theorists who make huge, hyperbolic, sweeping, generalised statements, but you get the spirit of what they're going after anyway, and i'm just like "ha, same"

@matilde While Gibson's fine, he didn't invent most of that stuff, it's in other SF and other cyberpunk writers before and current to him. Spider Robinson's "God is an Iron" (1979) is maybe the first modern wirehead/simstim, and even that's somewhat based on older ideas.

neuromancer spoil, philo 

Thinking about the particular relish the female lead gets from sharing sensory experience with a passenger, with particularly titillating them. Some kind of new uh, idk — we talk about the attraction to being objectified, of being an object of desire, but of being the origin of new sensation, of being the vessel, of being the same meat

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Can't believe Gibson thought of all that stuff in 1984. Can't believe even just a throwaway thing like the simstim stuff gets used as novelty concepts in SF thirty years later and then he already took it fifty levels higher in the same book. Can't believe he thought Blade Runner was stealing his thunder.

ok, who outed me to youtube? why is my entire front page contrapoints videos?

"We need a late 20s young professional girl of variant sexuality for this one, boss. She has to prefer wine to beer and be good at describing tech, but not much of a coder, and she has to like these three podcasts."
"No prob, my man, there are ... 30, in the United States."

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They're gonna abduct my AI construct from Facebook's server farm direct! It's not Matilde, it's a ROM that acts like Matilde, so it's close enough, just the closest enough design of her particular demographic and interest to be useful for the heist.

post-truth internet 

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post-truth internet 

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