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Our next game, Sol Hemochroma, is an adaptation of a lost alchemy conspiracy teen horror movie, and arrives September 4th. Free/PWYW.

Make friends. Find secrets. Stay tuned: aether.in.net.

making little intro playlists for myself for creation and sarah records so, i'm going through a bit of a phase

filed under: indie pop, 80s, strings/sax

the weather prophets - always the light


show me nostalgic 1990s sysadmins talking shop and I’ll show you a happy matilde

You were named after the two bravest men I ever knew, me

pass so well even Google demographics is pretty sure you’re cis

Do you think posture is a part of the soul? Like if you were someone else you’d carry yourself the same way you did before, ergo posture comes with you?

the cell is the powerhouse of the playstation three

mid-20s trans women stuck looking like fey 13 year old boys club

fediverse top features:

* cant find lance ulanoff

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@theoutrider it looks like mobygames screenshots isn’t posting anymore? I miss it. Maybe a good opportunity to move it to botsin.space?