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You can now log in to the Subserial Network. Explore the mesh network of the post-singularity and track down synthetics unbecoming human by using your own desktop.

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Aether Interactive presents SOL HEMOCHROMA

Everybody grows up in a summer of blood.

Play it now:

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I haven’t done this in a long time huh!! I’m Matilde Park, I’m 24, a trans woman (since 2012?), I’ve been making video games full time for about a year and a half at

I have a specialist degree in Cinema Studies but I only watch anime and John Carpenter now. Playing guitar is a hobby I sort of do by myself.

I’m going through a lifelong twee pop phase. Say hi

But maybe a lot more is tied into a need for community than just this. Overreliance on Eros. Consumption identity and mental illness identity and queer identity. I don’t know if I can find the public square again. I don’t know how to individuate, since it requires dropping labels that I need to be in the closest thing to communal life.

I thought about the problem of proximity, like. Social media is a world consciousness whose state gets reflected and looped through individuals, and that state is very tense right now. So reclaiming a proximity means dividing into communities, into instances.

capitalism cultivates sad, broken, exploitative industries that only make only a few people very rich & leave the rest of us trying to make ends meet

Jeff Gerstmann has old industry stories prompted by a thousand yard stare into an N-Gage and I’m just like, it’s Christmas,

Wish I knew why learning about 90s software is like a warm blanket

I never realise how green Toronto is until I look through photos

its so sad google+ couldnt afford to run their instance anymore

given all ive done and sacrificed for the online community, el zilcho's crimes against me are best understood as crimes against humanity itself -- the enormity of his abuses (eg, telling me to f word myself etc) are known to all and unforgivable and yet eugen fails to act, his silence speaking volumes

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Sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from malice

@matilde anyway that's kinda how i see situations like this: everyone deliberately decides to do something that they don't want, why? because there isn't proper communication, because people have different expectations and are working on different information

drama kind of persists like that because intrinsically it's generated from a lack of information, a lack of open communication. people have a natural desire to want to know more, but they can't bc of social whatevers.

Like last week someone contextlessly screencapped my own Discord and claimed I was a Nazi sympathiser, because I was venting about telling a barista to learn history or you'll repeat it. And I was sat down and they were like, "I know you're not, but it's really hard to protect you, everyone thinks you're bad without ever talking to you or thinking about it, so I don't know what to do," so I voluntarily withdrew to make their lives easier, and it just raised more questions.

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