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Windows 10 running Ubuntu 21.04 running Windows 7 running Mac OS 8.5 running Windows 95

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Un poco de hardcore en solidaridad con los compas de Colombia. Musica gestada en las tripas de la revelión chilena. Alomejor les alivia un poco la frustración. Aguante Colombia! Aguante Chile!

No Pueden Matarnos A Todos!

#music #musica #hardcore #nopuedenmatarnosatodos

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El fin de freenode tal como lo conocemos

The end of freenode as we know it
Wow, freenode. End of freenode as we know it

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I was having a conversation with a friend after recommending they watch Coded Bias.

They were upset that the documentary was entirely critical of the use of machine learning (e.g. for predictive policing) and did not attempt to present the potential positive use of those technologies.

I got him to the point of understanding the core message of the film, that all AI, when applied to human decision making that affects other humans, is always a reflection of and amplifier of the existing values of the society, and thus reproduces the harms perpetuated by those values.

His response was that this idea is fatally flawed because, if AI is a proxy of human decision making, that means that the underlying argument is in fact that all forms of policing and all forms of political power are inherently unethical because they perpetuate harms.

Yes. Yes they are. That is precisely the point.

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Videojuegos sobre ruedas es un documental donde viajamos con más de 15 arcades nacionales independientes, los subimos a un colectivo escolar y recorrimos varias ciudades de la Argentina, podes verlo en la instancia de undernet

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Humble Bundle constantly redefining "Humble" 

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in case you were unaware: Humble Bundle used to be called the Humble Indie Bundle. it was a bundle of independently developed games, and it was humble because you could pay what you want; choose what portion of the money went to the devs, charity, and Humble; and the games were DRM-free and cross-platform.

after a while, the Indie was dropped from the name as they began to start bundling games from big publishers. the cross-platform and DRM-free requirements were removed. they stopped letting you pay what you want and imposed minimum amounts on their bundles.

now, the last pillar of their definition of Humble is being dropped, as they're going to limit the choice to send a portion of purchases to charity, capping at 15%. before, you could choose to donate the full percentage to charity if you wanted a game but didn't want to support the devs, and that's not allowed now.

they're trying to spin this as improving donations to charity, but it's just a cap. and another reminder -- Humble Bundle is owned by IGN now.

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no son todxs iguales ✅
todas las opciones pueden ser ciertas ✅

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I'm currently working on a #Pixelfed client called Resin, designed to prevent social media addiction. To hear more about it, check out:

And for more about its design philosophy:
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Internet como territorio, bárbaro ahora: cómo creamos nuevas formas de pensarnos si el territorio es homogéneo, limpio normalizado? Interfaces que cuadran nuestra cabeza hacia la productividad y eficiencia? Interacciones utilitaristas? Veloces? No veníamos a divertirnos acá?

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