Cannot understand why smart people are still posting their writings to medium :fishthink:

@mati there is likely no correlation between where you post and how smart you are are

@xj9 yeah that's apparent to me.
It's just sad as a reader to see insightful content feeding their centralized platform. I despise their registration wall, registration popup, gatekeeping content to keep up their monetization game. It just does not feel right

@mati so I have some stuff on medium, here's the reasons:

- too lazy to self host
- too lazy too design a site that hits all the edge cases for css
- if something I write blows up I don't have to worry about stability, or security
- monetization is stupid easy
- no one knows who I am and self promotion is hard. A good chunk of my traffic on my articles comes from mediums own promotion

I make like five bucks a month off shit I wrote a few years ago still. Whenever I do share it though, I do so with the pay wall free link (every author has one of these).

At some point I will migrate to my own blog, likely when I start writing longer stuff again.

@Laika thanks for sharing your reasons! I didn't know they were paying authors.

From my viewpoint the monetization and promotion points seem to be the strongest, since I don't know any alternative that addresses those.

For the other points I always vouch for static generated sites since you don't have to worry about security or stability, there are themes you can use so you don't have to mess with styles.
Not sure about free hosting providers for the cases you consume a serious amount of bandwidth though

@mati there's no pay wall at all if you don't choose to put one there. So everytime you see an article l

@mati that article limit you see is actually only for articles the author choose to monitize.

For a bit of context I am actually a web dev by trade.

I had a Gatsby blog for a bit but compared to the ease of uploading to medium it was sort of a turn off. For context I use medium as a sort of wysiwyg editor.

That said if I was writing things more personal to me rather then vaguely technical articles it wouldn't be on medium.

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