I've recently seen plenty of Linux gamers get excited about DXVK and it is an interesting technology. However, you should remember that buying Windows games to play with it doesn't really help Linux gaming. "No Tux No Bux" is still the most reliable way to support the platform and make sure it develops on all levels.

Wine is a piece of duct tape, it's there to hold things in place while the system is being built up. But if you start relying on it as a permanent solution you risk stagnation and degradation of the platform.

Other option: pirate Windows games and play them through Wine until a native port comes out. I usually do this if I really want to play a specific game.

@trawzified You are still sacrificing time on Windows games when you could pick up and play a Linux game and thus improve statistics for that game. You might even stumble upon a bug and get that fixed while doing so. Not to mention pirating Windows games reinforces the old stereotype of Linux users who won't pay for their software.

Very true, I primarily buy Linux games but I still don't want to miss out on some really good non-Linux games so that's probably the best option for me.


@trawzified @Samsai
If a new game doesn't support Linux but supports Mac OS (with its half decade out of date graphics stack), said game isn't worth even caring about.

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